Alpha 31.8-1 - Ramp agents stuck on stands

ACEO - 15521

After some time my ramp agents are stuck on the remote stands and refuse to work. The reset ramp agents command does not help. Switching the service cars from assigned to stand to assigned to parking lot and vice versa does not help either. I can only send away planes but this will leave the agents on the stand idling and repeating the problem for the next flight.

The picture is missing the red indicators ‘no entry’ over their heads.

Reassigning the service cars to the stands again delivered new agents, but as you might see, the two on the lower right do not have jobs there (no yellow halo thus not belonging to stand) - they are just stranded there.

Also, game crashes after quitting to desktop:

Last, but not least, an airport this size should not have 3k PAX and 4k baggage. I have 2.8k queuing on the bus stops. I noly have 6 small and 3 medium CA stands.

Was it saving and quitting? Maybe the savefiles are large and it needs more time…

Usually done in few seconds, but here taking a minute and freezing. I also figured out, that ‘frozen’ agents are classified as ‘standing still’. Others are doing something or resting, so this might be a good indicator for things going wrong.

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