Alpha 31.0-2 Security Path-finding issue

Hey everyone, been playing ACEO for a while now, but I am totally stumped. I can’t figure out if this is just a bug or if I am missing something. Upon the release of multi-floor on experimental, I can not get security to work properly. All of my stands say there is no security connection. This does not allow my flight planner to work.
The weirdest part is that flights continue to come in non-stop like they are being scheduled. I just have no control over them. I have tried removing all of my security, and secure zones and remaking them. The airport was working well in Alpha 30. I had moved the security to a second floor area then I noticed this issue. Please let me know if it is something silly I did, or if it looks to be like a real bug. Will attach picture of all the issues. I just cant’ seem to find the issue. PAX move and pathfind fine through security but the Stands are just broken it seems like.

Thanks guys!

What floors does your jet bridges attach to? They have to be attached to floor 1 (0 being ground). You say that your security is on the second floor? What number floor is that? (May seem simple question but language and culture call stuff differently)

To me to seems like you have security on floor 1 and the stand attached to floor 0. Think you need to link your jet bridge to floor 1.

That should work.

Definitely looks like a floor issue. Flights will disappear if there’s not building on level 1.

That is exactly what it is! That you! I totally misread the updates instructions for stands. I got it in my head they would connect on 1 - as in ground. With my security level being 2. I just took a look tweaked a few things and boom. Worked perfectly. Thanks guys!

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I have the exact same problem. It says no security connection just like in the pictures at the beginning of this thread.

However. It is a brand new airport (meaning I just started it yesterday) and I have only the one floor. 6 stands. Also, this is the first game I played after a 2 month break and it appears I am currently running 31.1.0

Another weird thing. The Jetway is invisible but during the daylight I see a shadow. Passengers can leave the planes with no issue.

Jet bridges connect to the second floor (level 1). Build a second floor and escalator to use the bridge, or delete the stand and replace it with a non-bridged stand.

Thank you. I will try that.

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