Allocating more RAM

Hi there fellow airport CEO’s…

I have a rather large airport that i have been working on and have noticed that my RAM usage on Airport CEO is topping out at just over 8GB. Does anyone know of a way to give the game access to more RAM? I have 64GB (I use my computer for video editing and animation design) and when i play the game i have 50ish GB that is just sitting there not being used.

I only ask this because today when i went to play, my world would not load up, the game keeps crashing after selecting my world.

Thank you and happy managing…

Hello! Which version are you playing on and how large is the airport, i.e. the size of the save folder?

Playing on the latest version, (alpha 33?) and my save file size of the folder is 94.7MB, with the StructureData.json being 30MB and the personData.json being 36MB.

no its alpha 32, 33 is big birds

Okay, then version alpha 32. Although i can not wait until alpha 33 :slight_smile:

With crash do you mean it just stopped responding? Huge savefiles need longer loading time not due to ram usage but unity not using the processor at 100 percznt with me.

In the past i’ve measured the game taking 26 minutes for 160mb so let it run for a while.

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