All CRJ 200 wearing Edwards Bay Livery

All CRJ 200’s from modded airlines are wearing the Edwards Bay livery now. Anybody else observing this?


Have you activated the mods in the main menu?
Alternative liveries appear when the original is not available.

Yes, of course, other liveries of same airlines are working just fine, it’s just the CRJ 200. And that is the case for 2 airlines, not just one.

Which ones?

Native mods that I made myself, but I used liveries from workshop mods. They were all working just fine up until now and the E170’s and CRJ 700’s still do. I used the liveries from Delta Connection and United Express by TwoCflyer.

Best is to cancel the contract. When the contract appears again, check if the CRJ200 is still listed in the offer.

If not, something is wrong in the native mod directory or the json file.

Having the same problem. The American Eagle mod all shows Edwards CRJs.

witch Gameversion are you guys playing? default or experimental?

Should be fixed with Beta 7.0-1

[ACEO-40940] - Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft always spawn with same livery

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