Airways, safety and failure

So i was thinking about Airport CEO this time i was planing a route in a flight sim, and just though about the “pros and cons” of being able to sing contracts with airlines that do not use your airport, let me explain, if your in a remote location far away from another airport, then you can have the ability to sign a contract with that airline that works as a safety contract, so that in case of a failure, the aircraft is allowed to land at your airport, and get the right “treatment”, but not for free, the airline have to pay you a special fee, that gives you the money you need to keep your equipment and crew ready and updated in case of a failure.
Sorry if you don’t understand. I’m not a nativ English speaker(I’m Swedish).

I don’t think airlines have/need these types of contracts? If there is an emergency they find the closest field and land. Then airport services take it from there

I also think that in the early game this isn’t needed as we only have routes that are arriving/departing the field, and not aircraft flying over

Those emergency flights could be injected in your regular flow, giving you some money if the situation is handled correctly, boosting your reputation (or lowering it slightly if you reject the emergency)

Good idea, but can you even reject an emergency?

If they don’t have a contract with you, then they will have to pay an extra large fee, or the plane just burns down on the runway and disables it, something like that.

No this is an actual thing in the aviation world.

My airport is the priority field for any diversions for KLM.
KLM is homeporting at Schiphol and doesn’t even fly from our field.
However in the case of bad weather (fog/storm/traffic jam) or any other reason for diversion from Schiphol, KLM would first divert to our field then if ours is full divert to others.

Of course only if the diversion allows them to do so :wink:
We’ve had diversions because of planes being too long in holding patterns (so low fuel), fog over Schiphol, week or so ago it was storming so 4-5 planes diverted.

Its pretty common.

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A diversion isn’t an emergency tho.
So, in the end… for an emergency there is obviously no need for any kind of contract. Airports are obliged to give help, just like any of us is if there is a car crash. Actually, it’s criminal not to help in most countries… :pensive:

I did think about a similer to what Mossol said, and i did not talk about only emergencis, it may not have been that clear, but still.

Sounds like an emergency to me :slight_smile:

If a plane was damaged or disabled by the storm, yes, but not if it is just waiting for the bad weather to pass.

I think this makes sense, the airline would probably want to store some brand related items at the airport, such as check-in posters and stuff (not saying this should be in the game, just irl) in case their main hub is disabled for some reasons and they need to divert some departures elsewhere. For that service you can charge a fee.

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