Airside Shuttle Bus


first time posting here and sorry if the bug has been reported already!

I have quite a few airside shuttle bus tops as all of my stands are remote.

They function almost perfectly, but every now and again, a bus will stay stuck on the stand and not transport the passengers to the aircraft, this causes a massive knock on effect to every flight if I don’t manage to notice it on time.

the only solution I have is to manual send the aircraft away from the stand, and then the bus despawns.

unfortunately the bus can’t be selected so can’t sell it, and pressing f10 and resetting road nodes doesn’t work either

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It’s very likely that this has been reported before, but anyway report a bug in-game: press on the cogwheels in the upper right corner and then Report Bug.
You’ll get a bug-report-number which you may post here if you want.
The devs stated at multiple occasions that they like bug reports, because sometimes they can’t (re)produce the problem and the odds they can increase with each report.

It would be nice to have a “dismiss bus” button on the bus stand like there is one for the plane stand. ATM the only way to deal with a stuck bus I know is to dismiss the whole flight :unamused:

And lose relationship with airline

Once Alpha 35 is nearing completion on the features that me and Alexander work on we’ll go back to start looking at bugs again, will take a peek at this one once we do! :slight_smile:

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