Airside shuttle bus stuck


Since the update from today& yesterday the airside busses on my savegame are not working anymore. They are just on their bus stop and dont move at all.
Ive read that the patch from today fixed this issue but on my old savegame it is still present. Is there a way to rescue my old game?

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Normally after a reload of the game they should recalculate and leave. Do they still stand there when you do that?


Yes, they always fall back in the same behavoir. I even demolished all stops and build them again. As soon as they drive on a stop they will never leave it again

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#1, in the picture the below one of the busses isn’t allighned with the arrow (Blue). Also, I thought the red space had to be filled in. Am I wrong?? Have you tried to unlock veicles nodes? (Whatever the spelling and words are :rofl: :man_facepalming:t2:)


Just before the update this exact layout worked just fine. the passengers can leave the drop off area via the doors in the wall

Ok… I will try to recreate this and experiment if its not already solved.

Ok, thank you. If you want I can give you my savegame for further testing

That would be extremly helpful! :grinning:


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Thanks! You know you can use the steam workshop and make something unlisted :slightly_smiling_face: but whatever works best of you… :grinning:

Well, i did not think that far :smiley:

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Yeah I’m not sure if that road configuration is going to work at that point, it’s not really designed for connecting on just those ends there. What happens if you fill the missing road sections with road?

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I used that concept on some saves before without issues but you have to work with direction markers on the road to prevent the busses entering the wrong side.



I tried what you said @Olof, it does indeed work if I add road sections in between. Before the update it just worked fine in my original setup.

@andyc I just tried the directions markers and even with them it does not work unless I add road sections in between

There’s been a few changes relating to node connections of vehicles, perhaps @Fredrik knows something about this change?

Okay so I did some experiments and it turns out that its enough to place just one road piece (screenshot)

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