Airside Shuttle Bus Requirements

I’d like to ask this before I go sending my airport into a whirlwind of chaos. If a remote stand is practically backed up against a terminal separated only by a sidewalk, is it necessary to connect a boarding gate to an airside shuttle bus? Or are the passengers smart enough to analyze the fact they can just walk there?

You need to assign the gate desk to the bus stop and the gate. Therefore you see two buttons when you click on the gate desk.

If you use sidewalks to the bus stop, make sure they are marked as security zone as well.
Gate desk can also be placed on a different floor and lead to the bus stop by stairs etc.

If you stand is walkable from the terminal, you do not need bus stops at all.

I don’t have access to better screenshots at the moment, but something like this works very well:


You additionally need a service car stop assigned to the remote stand (and have at least 1 service car). too, to make it all work.

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As addition, here a part of my current build using sidewalks to reach stands.

Notice the small stands in the middle act without shuttle busses and are reachable by feet.
While the small stands on the right are used for GA. If I would use them as well to walk, it could cause delays as the distance between boarding desk and stand is too long. The boarding time does not calculate the walking distance between desk and stand. So be carefull when using this concept.

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I stopped using this design around 2 years ago, when after some changes in the game planes started departing without waiting for the PAX that were “almost there” missing their flight. If I was playing in sandbox I wouldn’t care much about it, as they made it back to exit just fine.

However instead of sidewalk I loved using crosswalks, like this (but usually without a taxiway between - this screenshot was to show it’s possible for PAX to cross the taxiway just fine, too):

Crossing a taxiway is kind of a legal thing in real. You may can cheat that in ACEO but in real, this would require a bus on a normal international airport.

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