Airside Bus Shuttle

Hi, i don´t know what i am doing wrong. I want to place a bus shuttle inside the ground area of my terminal.

You cannot place it within a foundation. It must be outside

I demolished the part on the ground and the 1st floor, so that the foundation just sourrounds this area for the bus stop. Is it maybe because of the medium stand ?

I’d try a save and reload if there is no foundation there.

No success.
Should i send a bug report ? I am not sure if it is a bug or more related to the mechanics of the game.

It might be because that service road is attached to a medium stand

It seems that the save is now broken, all PAX are somehow frozen.

EDIT: After Exit und Restart the game PAX are ok now.

Yes, I’d bug report it.

I’ve done remotes connected like that with no problems.

I sent it. Thx for the support @Rubble & @Stu

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The actual construction issue does not have anything to do with the remote feature. Sounds more like something is blocking it, do you have a bug report number for me?

Hi Olof,
thanks for your reply on that issue. I can´t remeber the old number so i made a new one. It is ACEO-16657.

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Hi Olof, did you had time to look into this issue? Thanks in advance

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