Airport XIII

Building up;

Tech team is ok now;

Shopping maze;

Decent janitor team;

The south.

The north.

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Looking good! Why do you have such massive toilet blocks?

Have heard that before on this forums.

I am still wondering why everyone has such small blocks, including a lot of RL airports.

Never seen such big blocks in real life. Not even in America and they love BIG and Plenty :wink:
But does it have a purpose, as the PAX do not really have the toilet as their first prio anymore.

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Weird thing, our staff never uses the toilets ;).

That’s true, always build toilets for them, but they never use them… :thinking:

If we only could take a look at WHY an airline was unsatisfied; how I can have 2 thick in the green, and 3 thick in the red?

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Current operation.

Current staff;

I bet the push back trucks don’t turn up till the departure time has elapsed? At the start with only a couple of stands, they can be there over an hour before its ready to go.

My pushback trucks are never the problem, I only have problems with PAX who are on the other side of the airport.


It would be awesome if we could dismiss all planes that throw “alerts” based on just PAX completion, I send them all out.

By manually managing my planning I got several airliners up;

Only FlyPenguin keeps up his troubles, if we only could see WHAT is the issue according to this airline, then I would adjust my airport for them.

Oh, 5 star shops just popped up :slight_smile:

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Choose your best stand, and run only they there for a few flights. Will get them moving in the right direction, but yeah, would be very useful to see why we gain or loose reputation. Agree.


Oh, I like that idea, lets rename a few stands.

Cleaned out the stand and will now push Penguin on it.

That would be really helpful indeed! What I’ve noticed so far as points that influence satisfaction: delays of boarding staff, service vehicles, service personnel, PAX, etc, but also if all the flights the airliner offers are booked. But those are all assumptions as you cannot lay a finger on the real problem.

It’s still a complete mystery to me what the trick is to satisfy the GA, sometimes I have 100% and sometimes not more than 10% with a similar setup.

Lets make it a feature request :wink:


Mmm, is there not a request like that?

Btw; resceduled all my Penguin flights to first position, on the best 2 stands now.

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LOL just discovered a sneaky passenger who found her way into a personnel toilet… :thinking::joy:

Also still have passengers in the executive room area while it is all zoned for staff

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So satisfying.