Airport structural ideas (Things like Concourses)

While playing the game as it is now, I thought of a few things that would be really cool to add to the game.

  1. Concourses and Terminals: Each concourse has to have there own check in desks, baggage bays/claim, and security. This would be good if you design your airport well. Terminals can be connected by underground tunnels (Read #2). Concourses and Terminals can work like areas and zones.

  2. Floors: Most airports have baggage claim under below the check in. This is not possible in the game right now although it would be pretty cool and it would help players with saving space etc. In a lot of airports I go to, there are underground tunnels that go under the taxiway with moving walkways to get to different Terminals—> See Chicago OHare. This would be possible with floors.

  3. Modes of transport: Breaking this down into two sections.

Inside of Airport: Moving walkways, Escalators, Elevators, monorails(to cross to different terminals), stairs, and pre-made baggage claim things( Where you collect your luggage.), the conveyor belts that get the luggage of the planes. Noticed the last one was a little of topic.

Outside of airport: Trains, taxis, and subways.

  1. Shop/Food Ideas: Allowed to place the same shop/restaurant but you have to be somewhat far from the other store, Different types of stores like liquor and clothing.

  2. New gates: Large sized gates for planes like Boeing 747 and the Airbus 380

  3. Map Expansions: Allowed to buy different tiles of land to expand your airport. A certain number of tiles will be allowed and you can choose tiles in any direction.

Hope this wasn’t too much to read although it probably was and I’m sorry for that XD.
Please consider these ideas.


Some of these have already been proposed and will get to the game once it is stable enough and major bugs are dealt with.

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Noticed this

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