Airport Stand

Hi, can i ask how to delete a medium stand, i cant seem to find the tool for it. Thanks! I have tried all demolish tools but i cant seem to delete it. I need to delete it becuase i placed it facing the wrong direction. thanks!

Click on the stand itself, there is a delete option in there…

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You can also use CTRL to delete the same item as you are building. Hold CTRL and then left-click the item, it’s pretty handy when building conveyor belts or stuff and make a mistake or something.

Which only works for stands if they have not been built yet.

Did not know that, never ran into that.

There are several pieces that are deemed too important for accidental deletion, hence they csn only be destroyed through the popup menu :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Which indicates poor UI design and should be changed ASAP :wink:

Not commenting on the choices made, only on the reality :stuck_out_tongue:

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