Airport Staff priority qeueuing

Atm my airport has huge queue numbers on the pathfinding algorithm, but due this fact my cleaners have a 500 cleaning queue. While they stand around. Pls have the staff calculated on a higher prio as passengers. Thx.

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Do you mean staff are waiting on security lines with PAX in order to pass to secure area?

No, I mean Staff is standing around waiting until the algorithm will process a path for them. I am in nighttime atm, will make a new picture in daytime. Oh, my builders are done now too, I had 4000 objects in queue a bit back with 3000 PAX on airport, its done now (took 3 days).

2 small secure points, the pathfinder finds a route for staff from location to the secure check, and requests a new path after.

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Same as passengers who switch zone;

Or passengers deboarding;

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5 cleaners in the boarding area after cleaning task;

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And in this topic I ask attention to the fact they are equally queued in the path-finding algorithm, I would like the algorithm to calculate the Staff paths first, and passengers after.

*At the moment of this photos the queue is 500+

I second this. I’ve had many flights delayed because ramp and airport staff stand around waiting to be processed so they cant board pax or do the turnaround.

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Try set to normal speed and see if it catches up (also if you just loaded it might take a while to equalize). Are you on the latest version? The terminal size also have a direct impact on the speediness of the calculations.

This is on normal speed. Can you allow queue calculation in pauze? I dont mind pausing to handle big queues for now.

Staff zoning restrictions would help too. Let us setup “staff blocks” per pier and assign staff per block.

Normal speed for my airports too.

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The result of a day of no staff prio queueing.

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