Airport shuttle for large stand


I would like to show a strange feature in my point of view.

I have a lot a large stands in my airport and some of them are connected to airfield shuttles.

When passengers are leaving the airplane, they are dispatched into two shuttles one front, one rear, that is fine.

But when the passengers have to take the shuttle for boarding, all the passengers take only the first shuttle whatever the number of passengers is. The consequence is that the boarding take a long time and delay the flight.

In the following captures, 439 passengers are in the shuttle!

PS sorry for my english.


Agreed, there should be a shuttle bus capacity. 439 passengers in one bus crammed in like sardines

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Shuttle bus in ACEO


yup, I reported this as an issues some time ago as well

No no, the buss has a Harry Potter style spell on it to make the inside bigger

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Obviously TARDIS technology has reached the Earth marketplace…

alright, who here is the roge timelord?

Yeah, the ACEO shuttle buses are notoriously well equipped when it comes to capacity… I recognize that it is highly unrealistic but then again at this point, not sure if ever, we want to introduce complexity that requires multiple airside shuttle buses. From what I see posted within this community is that people struggle enough with remote stands and a size contingency on the transport does not sound like a good implementation right now.

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What if you introduce another bus-class for bigger stands? With the same mechanic.

High volume bus example from the Netherlands;


is there a reason why 2 busses show up though? and the 2nd one is never used?

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Well, maybe, I can however see there being a few issues of confusion in regards to what buses are required. But yeah, that would be a solution.

Not sure what you mean? If you have multiple shuttle bus stops for one boarding desk, i.e. at least two, the buses will distribute across those.

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no, when boarding a large aircraft, 2 shuttle busses will go to the shuttle bus stop to pick up the pax. But all the pax get on the first bus and then the second bus just goes back to parking. This is for one shuttle bust stop connected to the boarding desks… Thes same thing he said In the original post

as you said…

…but 2 buses are sent to pick up pax for large aircraft but only one actually picks up the pax while the 2nd one waits behind it but then just goes back to parking after the first bus takes all the pax to the aircraft.

2 busses pick up arriving pax. front and back of aircraft.

2 busses go to pick up departing pax. 1 picks up all and one waits behind and then goes back to parking.

*Whilst blocking the road

For large gates you need two bus stops with boarding desks assigned. Then each bus has it’s own stop and passengers will split up during boarding.


aww, didn’t know that, thanks :slight_smile:

Here my current setup which looks like the pax choose which bus they take.


That’s true but it looks like a work arround to the fact that with one bus stop, two buses are comming and only one is carrying passengers and this is not consistent with the dispatch of arriving passengers in 2 buses evenso there is only one bus stop for the stand. Another effect is that you need to multiply the bus stops by 2. For me, it will be great to have the automatic dispatch working with one bus stop!

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I agree. its a huge waste of space to have 2 bus stops for every large stand. and with one bus stop, if 2 busses are used for arrivals then why is only one bus used for departures (even when 2 busses go to the bus stop and the 2nd one doesn’t get any pax and just goes back to parking after)

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