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Hi gang. I’ve been noticing, and have for a very long time, that when flights are generated, they always seems to come from the same few airports despite others being within the database and distance. I know there’s a random element to flights offered and their locations etc, but it always seems to be the same few that get chosen.

Is there a bias as to why this could be? I know I’m not the only one to experience this and was wondering if you could share some more insight.


yup, I have noticed this as well. In fact I have a contract with just the A320 and one with just the B738

Here is what I’m getting mostly for the A320 contract for example (airport location Long Beach, California, USA (LGB):

One day was about 15 scheduled flights for 3 stands (all same A320 only contract). There were about half BOS and half ABE and one BDL between those 15 schedule flights for that one day. During the rest of the week the mostly picks scheduled airport destinations where BOS, ABE (Penn), BDL (Conn), FAI & JNU (Alaska), with a few random others like AUS, CMH, GTP, ABQ… But only 1 or so each during the week. And this seems to be the case as the flights get scheduled from week to week as I watch what is offered over time. It seems to mostly pick a handful of selected airport with a few selected random ones here and there. But not many more. And from what I remember these are mostly the offered airports at some of my other airports I make in the US. There doesn’t seem to be much of a randomization.

But the distance to ABQ from LBG is like 577 NM and the distance to BOS from LGB is like 2200 NM. There are SOOOOO many other airports that the A320 could fly to in the US between those 2 airports… DEN, MCI, DFW, TPA, MIA, MSP, DET, MEM, JFK, LGA, EWR, RDU, CVG to name a few. but I have never really seen those ever really pop up as scheduled/offered destinations now that I think of it.

Wondering why they all seem to be a few select offered/scheduled destinations as well. when there is a list of almost 3000 airports in the database and about 750 airports in the US. and many of those are from central to the east coast which all fall in distances for the A320 from Long Beach, CA.

that’s just an example for the A320. The B738 seems the same. but I haven’t looked into other aircraft yet…

Again, just looking into this for optimization of Beta as well and something Ive noticed like @Rubble and @talisman56 and wanted to share what I have experienced as well.

And as a side note as I know this isn’t a priority as im editing the AirportData.json file to pick which airports my airport fly to. But I selected only the airports that LGB flies to 16 destinations as well as keeping LGB in the list so 17 airports…

here are the destinations:

When I include only those airports and LGB as well. I do not get offered ANY flights at all. I have tested this with Realistic mode on and off and I have each time canceled my contract and started new ones each time I test. But when I use the vanilla AirportData.json with all ~3000 airports they do fly to locations like BOS, AUS (A320), and HNL (B738)… Just throwing this out there, don’t know why I don’t get offered any contracts with that list of destinations. I understand if this part doesn’t get looked into or answered. But I should get offered flights for BOS, JFK, BZN, SEA, PDX, DEN, SLC, AUS as they are all between the ABQ and BOS distances offered with the Vanilla AirportData.json file with all 3000 airports. Again, I haven’t looked into where the CRJ2/7, E170/190, fly to as I use those in my contracts for other airlines as well. so not sure how that works with the shorter distance like OAK, SFO, RNO, LAS PHX etc…


I’ve been analysing the flights I get offered. From BRS (Bristol (UK)), the shortest distance I get offered for medium aircraft is Southend (238km). The others I get on a regular basis are Belfast George Best (416km), Derry City (502km), Glasgow International (511km), Edinburgh (509km), Aberdeen Dyce (647km), Inverness (690km) and Campbeltown (492km). The latter is interesting in that with the frequency I serve it, I can do the whole annual patronage in real life in one game day… Others I get are Blackpool (266km) and Stornoway (very occasionally) (793km). From the UK airport data, the airports I don’t get that are eminently suitable for domestic flights at the distance range defined above are Newcastle (411km), Leeds/Bradford (285km), Doncaster/Sheffield (259km) and Jersey (244km).

Again, probably another item for the list of optimisations for Beta phase.


It seems medium flights in the US are for some reason only generated for the farthest distances possible. They never fly to somewhere, maybe halfway across the country (~1000mi), it’s always across the entire country.


I’ve noticed that even with realistic international stands I can’t get large flights offered that operate to my domestic large stands. Widebodies on comparatively short domestic flights does happen in real life Tokyo-Osaka is less than 500km. Even UK (where I’ve put my airport) domestic routes have in the past (occasionally) been flown by widebody aircraft


Yes, there is randomization going on and we will (as @twocflyer said) optimize this during the beta period, since it isn’t really game-breaking. Definitely something we will improve though before full release.

Can’t off the top of my head say why this is happening, but to me it sounds like something that will be fixed as we improve the above-mentioned system. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

To add, during this improvement, we have also planned support for a Shengen-zone. Nothing more to add at this time though, just letting you know, since it’s somewhat related to flight routes and airport selections.


Thanks for the insight Alex :grin:. Keep up the great work all of you.


yup, thanks. looking forward to it too. :slight_smile: just something we noticed overtime and recently.


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