Airport Road Security Entrance Concept

Concept design:

video link here:


@Jettuh brace yourself there is a new sheriff in town :smiley:

Can I ask how you managed to make bus to drive on left side of road?


it’s just design. I did all of this through the application.

haha, i designed a new checkpoint last week :wink:
tho its just an updated version of what is currently ingame, nothing fancy


How do you know it’s the left side? I don’t see the front of the vehicle. The road could be going down and the bus is in the right, or the screen could be rotated.

Click twitter link :roll_eyes:

I get an error. Still if he says he didnt change it, it was probably rotated.

I gotta say I prefer the current one, it’s got an animated lift gate and everything. This one is just a grey rectangle. Good work with the video editing though


It is a point that controls the passengers to enter the airport.

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