Airport Progress and Ideas for it

Hey guys, when I start my new airports its hard for me to design them. I could really need help on some new designs ideas Im open to any.

What I usually do is look for a lot of airports on google maps. Sometimes looking for other airports on the forum is also a good idea. Hope this helps!

I will try this and thank you

Yeah, there are lots of nice design topics and challenges here.

I see lots of new players start with a huge rectangle buildings. What I prefer is to build a bit more narrow and use only needed space.

Also I use real airport inspirations too.
I prefer airports which grew over decades and have different parts in different styles with unique characters instead those complete new designer airports built in one piece.

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If you have enough time, you can watch documentaries, airport docu. do be exact, airport tours, and maps to get an idea for the interior and exterior