Airport of the Year Award

I just had a question about the email that’s sent in the beginning of the game, in the last sentence she says she will follow up about airport ratings each quarter, and at the end of each year she will tell us who the winner is. I have not received any follow up emails on this and I am now on year 7. Will the devs add these follow up emails to the game?

This award is a “spherical horse in a vacuum” because, judging by Steam, no one has seen it.

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Ya, I’m pretty sure I’ve been above 95% for at least three years at this point in this save. However, it would be nice to get the update emails that this email talks about in the last line.

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There was an issue which made it incredibly difficult to achieve but after a fix that has happened now, seen at least a few users get it… :thinking:

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What about the quarterly emails mentioned with the tips and tricks?

Which specific e-mail are you referencing?

I’m referring to the email sent by Anita in the beginning of the game about the airport awards. It is included in this post.

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Hey Olof, are there any plans to add this to the game or will that part of the email just be deleted?

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Hmm, this is weird, seems that an old string is till active for this e-mail. That text is not accurate as no such feature exists (it was simply put down as generic text during the development), I have replaced it with an accurate string that will be out in the next version. Thanks for notifying us!

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I finally got it. :sunglasses:


Cool! It’s like a phrase in that movie - it turns out it exists! 183 years old ??? What can you do for so long in the game? ) Make an overview of your airport, with pictures of indicators and a general view. :man_facepalming: :fire: :exploding_head: :flushed: :muscle:

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You can have it. :wink:
I’m working on this airport since October or November last year.
Level -2:
Baggage Conveyor Belts between Self Check-Ins and Baggage Loading Station
Baggage Conveyor Belts between Baggage Loading Station and Baggage Claim

Level -1:

Level 0:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Terminal 1 to 4 (each):
220 Self Check-Ins
8 Subway Stations
4 Big Stands (each 14 Boarding Desks)
6 Medium Stands (each 8 Boarding Desks)
18 Big Security Checks
2 Small Security Checks
2 Baggage Loading Stations

Terminal 5:
66 Self Check-Ins
4 Subway Stations
18 Commercial Small Stands (each 4 Boarding Desks)
18 GA Small Stands
6 Big Security Checks
2 Small Security Checks
2 Baggage Loading Stations

Terminal 6:
De-Icing and Hangars

Terminal 7:
33 Self Check-Ins
5 Subway Stations
2 Big Stands (each 13 Boarding Desks)
3 Medium Stands (1 at Terminal and 2 Remote) (each 8 Boarding Desks)
8 Big Security Checks
2 Small Security Checks
1 Baggage Loading Station

Total employees:
170 Flight Attendant
770 Security Officers
380 Caretaker
100 Technicians
620 Ramp Agents
30 Administrators

P.S. sry for the bad quality - rotating of the screenshots destroyed it


Strong! Show me the dashboard, the figures of the transported passengers are interesting. What’s going on in your game now? Just like a splash screen? )

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183 years is… incredbile.

Did you find the award statue?

Yes, it look great. :star_struck:


His game hangs either, like a screensaver, or just works in the background when he does something else. ))

What size is it?

I’m letting the game running in the background for example when i’m at work or when i’m at home-office.
I can only play with normal speed cause the airport has too many PAX and the CPU-Usage is then at 70 to 80 percent. At higher speed the flights got long delays, not all PAX are possible to check-in, go thrue security check and are boarding.

The award statue is 2x2

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