Airport Lounge Logo Stickers [45 LOUNGES]

This is a sticker pack which adds logos for various airline & independent lounges.

Lounge Sticker Pack: Link here

Most logos come with two variations - a colored version, and either a white/gold version.

The pack includes lounges from 27 airlines and 8 independent operators.

Also included are the priority symbols for Oneworld Emerald/Sapphire and Star Alliance Gold.

To Install:

  • Subscribe on Steam then locate the Stickers folder at …\steamapps\workshop\content\673610\2409859628\Stickers.
  • Delete any stickers you don’t want, then move the Stickers folder to …\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO


Enjoy and feel free to comment any requests!

Examples of included lounges (this is not a full list)
Lounge_XX_PlazaPremium Lounge_XX_Skyteam Lounge_XX_StarAlliance Lounge_XX_TheClub Lounge_XX_MiracleLounge Lounge_JL_SakuraLounge Lounge_KL_Crown Lounge_KL_KALLounge Lounge_LA_Generic Lounge_MH_GoldenLounge Lounge_OS_Generic Lounge_OZ_BusinessClass Lounge_QF_Club Lounge_QR_Generic Lounge_SQ_SilverKris Lounge_AC_MapleLeafLounge Lounge_AM_SalonPremier Lounge_AS_AlaskaLounge Lounge_BA_Galleries Lounge_AA_AdmiralsClub Lounge_AA_FlagshipLounge Lounge_XX_ITCGreen Lounge_UA_PolarisLounge Lounge_UA_UnitedClub Lounge_WS_ElevationLounge


Wow, nice!

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Nice, can you also add Thai Royal Orchid Lounge. :slight_smile:

It’s already in the pack :slightly_smiling_face:

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I installed the logos according to the instructions. But the logos are very small. Is there a way to make them bigger so I can see them better in the game? Thanks!

Click and drag, like making long walls :slight_smile:

Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I installed your logo pack. Unfortunately, it seems that some stickers I already had placed in my Airport from the “Terminal Signs” mod have now been replaced by some of the airlines stickers. I can still choose every sticker from the menu, but some of the already placed stickers are exchanged. It does not affect stickers from the “Airport signs” mod. It seems that the save was not saving the name of the sticker but probably their position. Now that your airport lounge stickers are placed inbetween, the terminal sign stickers now have other IDs.

That’s weird, they are supposed to be loaded using the file names. Are there any stickers sharing names between the two mods?

No, they have different names.

Maybe because I first had copied only the airlinge lounge stickers i wanted to use, and added later some more ones by copying them at a later stage in game.
This is how my stickers looks

This is how currently my exit looks

This is how I put the stickers originally.

You already have a save because of another bug report: ACEO-42104

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Thanks for the report! I think I’ve found the issue but don’t have time to test it fully before the 1.0 release. It will be a quick fix, I’m sure, in a post 1.0-patch!

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