Airport Logos --

Will we be able to put our own logos in the logo selecting area from our files, cause it would be useful for people that want to copy real life airports, also are you planning to make more games after airport CEO? :tophat:


Great idea! Welcome to the forums! :grinning:

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I think this is a good idea as well and importing them from your own files would be much better than having a screen when you click new game asking you to create one.

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The logo idea sounds great and - i hope - should not be hard to implement after release :slight_smile:
The easiest would be to look in a folder in around the same place the json files are, perhaps called “Airport images” or something like that.


This is a really good idea actually, should be very easy to implement @Fredrik?


Yes, very easy, I don’t even think a json is required, just PNGs in a folder. Have to make sure it saves correctly but general not hard to do.


You copy the logo file to the save folder? Or just the filename?

We can make it even easier by setup a common folder with all logos. Then players can add their own logos to this folder. On load, we simply read all files and save the file path in the save data.


And if the player removes the image? From the folder its hard to see what images are in use, so he might delete the wrong image

Now we need airport logo design contest.:wink:

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Can always have a fallback image or simply not display any logo if no image is found.


Loved the refimement session. What’s your estimate? I’d say 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

You could do the same with faces and hairstyles for character customisation? Could make me a robot with a moustache for my airport!


We can make it even easier by setup a common folder with all logos

Seems to be the easiest solution, imho. The same way Kerbal Space Program (for example) handles user created mission flags. Just drop a PNG of the correct size into a specific folder and it’s in the game.

I like that idea, that way players can upload their own logos :slightly_smiling_face:




Yesterday while I was showering I realized something about airport logos; (I have ZERO idea why I get ideas about AirportCEO when I take shower)

What about belt trucks, service cars, service trucks, apron busses, cleaning trucks and other airport’s owned vehicles have airport logo on them? Like how fuel trucks and catering trucks have fuel company logo on them.

With custom logo support, There may be some exciting view :wink:


I asked about those logos the other day as well for same thing as well as having custom ones. Great minds… :grinning:

There hopefully will be something soon™


I asked how those logos the other day as well for same thing as well as having custom ones.

Okay that was awkward… :no_mouth:

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I feel like custom airport logos would be relatively easy to implement since it could use the same image logic as businesses. (ofcourse speaking relatively here, it still is software development :wink:)