Airport Hotels | Not aircraft, that would be weird | ( Maybe? )

Hi all! I was just thinking that there could be a hotel in Alpha 35. It could satisfy needs such as rest and hunger. It would go really well with the lounges and restaurants update. It could add connecting flights to the game as well! What do you think devs? Good, bad?

  • Blackout

This could also benefit business class passengers like coming to town, stay a day or two and then fly on. Or for people with transit flights like plane arrives 3 p.m. but next flight is 5 a.m. next morning. Would make sense having those.

This has been asked for before, but I think this would be a whole different game!

Depends, I think. restaurants, bars and shops are fleshed out as well, although this is not a game called ‘Mall CEO’. I guess airport hotels will complete the full monty of operations you can do. For a game with sandbox character, this might add to the fun and build more individual airports.

Do you mean airport hotels?

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