Airport Enviroment

As you know, most airports are usually built in empty areas, far away from other buildings. Noise-pollution and stuff. But, in some cases, there are airports in the middle of a city. Example: London City Airport. Will nearby buildings/highways/other scenery be represented, depending on your chosen location’s proximity to an urban area? Similairly, water could be added, both as decoration, and as an obstacle to construction. You’d have to use a bridge, or design around it.


Definitely interesting.

Could be great for scenarios (max X flights a day, runway can not be closer to houses than X etc)

Exactly. It would tie in nicely with the current flight-window system.

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Ooh. This is a great idea. Even if there were a few map templates that you could choose from before starting. For example, Costal, Island, City, Desert…

It would add some nice variety. Hopefully Fredrik an Olof see this. This idea could really set ACEO apart from the competition… Not that it isn’t already is set apart :grin:

Would be nice for “hard mode”.

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I was thinking about this the other day - the fact that you can choose your starting location suggests that they may have long-term plans for this already, but it’d be great for each area of the map to have its own bonuses, challenges and features based on the location chosen - for example, building close to a city will attract more passengers and bigger airlines, but noise limits mean that you have to plan flights carefully including orientation of the runway. Or even prevailing wind directions for each area affecting the efficiency of a runway (crosswinds mean that different planes may not be able to utilise the airport depending on the length of the runway). Building in a sparse area lessens the limits of noise but also reduces the attractiveness of the airport for larger airlines (budget airlines are always going to like the cheaper further away airports).

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