Airport Design, what I have learned thus far

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I am admittedly new to this game but these tips might help some new people. I will break them down as I come up with them.

(1) Runways.

  • For the standard map I have found that 1 N/S Runway on the West and East set to arrival traffic is sufficient and 1 E/W runway on the top of the map is sufficient for departures.
    *I always upgrade runways to Ashphalt and 1 North extension and 1 South extension before I build the taxiways.

(2) Taxiways.
*I junction my taxiways at a backwards L intersection. I have 2 parallel taxiways running the length of each runway, each 3 squares wide with a 3 square buffer between
*I have a 2 square buffer between taxiway and gate entrance

(3) Terminals.
*6 Foundation squares wide is sufficient for terminal operation with medium gates on either side.
*Security desks - difficult as I havent maxed my airport yet but I think that 6 security gates are sufficient for 13 medium stands and 6 light stands (this might be low - possible 8 required)
*Secure zone exits - usually 1 is enough for the above number of gates. Not overly realistic but it works as passengers normally walk in an orderly line :slight_smile: I usually corral my exiting passengers down a hallway to prevent the mass flood.
*Check in Desks: 6 foundation squares are usually enough to support 2 parallel check in desk that will accept baggage. This is the tightest configuration I could come up with that would allow for Medium flights and associated passengers.
*I use the “secured crosswalk” cheat to connect my terminals. I will post a pic next week

(4) Vehicles, roadways etc.

  • Thus far my Terminal entrance is a traffic loop with a few extra N/S roads. 14 publc road wide with 10 inner squares setup as B-B-S-B-B-R-R-B-B-S (Bus stop square, Sidewalk square, Road square) and normally 12 deep to allow for 3 bus stops. My (6) car stops are all next to a side walk parallel to the terminal. As soon as the roads are designed I remove the cargo and contractor drop off sites. I will move them as required a few times a game.
    *Fuel depot, I keep at the bottom of the map as there is no real reason to take of valuable real estate elsewhere. I always attach 4 extra fuel tanks.
    *Vehicle and bus baggage. I usually keep these as central as possible.
    Fuel trucks, 3 fuel trucks are normally fine for the above number of gates. In my airport I have double the number of gates so I have 32 + 1 buffer fuel truck.
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The problem with security desks if you go into or above the 13 stands range, is that you have to prepare for peak efficiency. So 8 would be a good minimum indeed.

What is the use of longer runways btw?