Airport clock too fast?

first of all, I want to say that I love that game. I’ve playing it randomly when I have time for more than a year, and it’s absoulutely great. I started following the forum only receintly, so pardon me if I am writing something already discussed or if I am flacing this post in the wrong section of the forum.
Recently, I’ve been noticing that many of my flights struggle to complete their turnaround in time (mostly due to the pathfinding - I have to reset the path in the debug menu every 2 minutes, otherwise my plane are simply stuck on the taxiway and don’t move). This, as I briefly saw, was already discussed in abundance.
However, what I also noticed is that perhaps the in game clock is too fast… In the game it takes around 2-3 minutes for an airplane to pass by a stand (depends whether it’s a medium or large stand). I believe that in reality it takes what… 15-30 seconds? The ground speed of the planes seems realistic if compared to the vehicles’ one. So, could it really be the clock moving forward too fast and, therefore, causing many delays?
Again, I don’t know if this has been alredy discussed, so in case forgive me for being redundant.
Aside from that, the game is great!


This has indeed been discussed multiple times. The game time has already been slowed down a bit in one of the updates before but there are many players, like you and me, who still think that it’s too fast. Others say that this is not purely a simulation game and it shouldn’t be slower than this. But the more people express their opinion to either side the more likely it is that the devs change the game accordingly and you have my support here.


I see, thank you!

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I would like to see it slowed down further. Yes, the days would go by slower and it would take longer for an aircraft to have its turnaround (in real-life minutes), but if that means that everything goes just that bit smoother and looks nicer then it’s a nice trade off.

I suspect that this topic will be addressed at some time during Beta, when balancing these things will be the primary focus. (doesn’t mean that it will be slowed down, but it will be up for discussion)

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Days count as months, so it isn’t a simulation already, and hence I don’t see why the time passage through the day can’t be slowed down further. With the time slowed down aircraft actually could have its turnaround performed faster (i.e. the time for turnaround could be reduced to be more realistic, like for example in real life I’ve been observing 737s departing 30 minutes after arriving, with at least catering and baggage services being done from what I saw and not standing there 3 hours).

Ryanair has a target turnaround of 25 minutes for their 189 PAX B738, although this target is rarely met and doesn’t include any catering or cleaning.

An advantage to the game running slower is that the game effectively has more time for processing like pathfinding, as you can increase the intervals at which this is done.

As long as there are the speed-things-up buttons I don’t see anything wrong with slowing it down (though the current speed is fine for me personally).

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In game time is something that you can’t compare with real time. Otherwise you get two options.
A) A full day will have to take 24 real hours
B) Everything is running super fast in the airport and you can’t really enjoy whats going on.

Imagine a turnaround in 25min of ACEO. Trucks must drive in light speed.

I can give a not LC example, as last year I was waiting for a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Sydney, watching the turnaround through the window from plane’s arrival until boarding started. The plane arrived, baggage carts were already waiting to receive the baggage, people started exiting the gate (that’s domestic terminal so they mixed with departing on the same floor) and catering truck lifted its trailer up to the plane. The arrival time on display was 30 minutes before the departure time, however, the departure time there is either closing doors or pushback and not take off, so some 15-30 minutes can be added, if we talk comparing to lengths of ACEO turnarounds, where pushback is 30 minutes before departure time.

@andyc Why does it need to be either 5 hours turnaround or real time, and nothing intermediate? Can’t it be simply slowed just twice to what it is now and not to real time?

I agree, a turnaround in ACEO shouldn’t take 25 minutes.

If you half the game-time speed, you get this:

  • Double throughput of aircraft per stand
  • A turnaround time that is more like the real life turnaround time
  • The exact same earnings per real-time as before
  • More time to transition seasons
  • Double the night time, meaning you have to wait longer if you don’t have/want nightflights. (although you can skip to the next morning anyway)

If you slow down the time, you get more time to enjoy what is going on because a day passes by slower.

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