Airport ceo "the next big thing"

from the release of airline tycoon there haven’t been many fully playable and stable airport tycoon games yes sure there is quite a few airport tycoon type games but most of them flopped its only really airline tycoon, sim airport that have really hit the big league but here’s the question what makes airport ceo that little bit better is it the general aviation addition or is it the high attention to detail? who know. but airport ceo and sim airport are certainly going to be fighting this miniature game war. with release set to less than 3 days away you can only imagine what everyone’s thinking. will this game live up to its name is the almighty question?

Yes! It will. Also you sound like you right for PC gamer

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I’m sure it will. ACEO looks nicer and more polished (even though its early access) and the developers’ approach will surely make it a great game.

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Add SkyHaven Tycoon to that as well, it’s looking beautiful. Hopefully the features Match. Having three great airport games after years of terrible ones, is something I am okay with!


SimAirport counts for 70% of game, and Sky Haven is early in development so (even though I run their discord), I wouldn’t be sure that it will be as good as ACEO. Tbh, I’m mainly interested in the 3D aspect.

Replying to original question: I think ACEO will be the best of these airport games and although I think it will (and already does) have a strong and loyal fan base, I am not expecting it to accumulate more than 2,000-5,000 players in its first few months. (this will probably double if it makes the front page of Steam.

Edit: My guesses are always bad, never mind :slight_smile: Real numbers are probably gonna be a lot higher a lot more than what I thought!


You are forgetting that many weeks ago it had 10k+ wishlists on steam. No doubt that number is even higher…

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Honestly sky haven is going to be one of those games where it’s just going to be abandoned after awhile.

ACEO will go the way of Rimworld and PA. I’m sure of it. Once people start seeing our videos of gameplay, look out player base!

You will watch SA’s numbers drop and ACEO’s rise.


Yeah though some people want shorter more simple games. I have not played SA but I do think that ACEO will be better from what we’ve seen so far there is no exact way to say if we have not seen the game yet/got our hands on it.

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Really? We need a recall on my guesses :wink: