Airport CEO: Pathfinding

The biggest complaint we’ve received about Airport CEO is its pathfinding. With the brand-new Pathfinding update, these issues are no more. You are now responsible for moving every person, plane, and vehicle around your airport! It is imperative for the functioning of your airport that every passenger makes it to their aircraft. You must now guide each and everyone from the start of their journey to their aircraft. Equally important for the operation of your airport are staff. They too need your help to get around. This update allows you to take full control of your airport! :muscle:

New features:

  • New passenger mind control system
  • New vehicle and aircraft control systems
  • Control-related research projects
  • Split screen mode, to control more than one passenger at a time

Here is a highlight from development:

To learn more about this update, see HERE. :heart:


with the development on the modloader i was convinced this was a side project until I looked at the date :rofl: