Airport ceo, no taxiway to a runway supporting medium aircraft found

Does anyone have this problem. No matter how I try I just cannot get medium aircraft to work. I set up a stand and buy all the necessary vehicles, make sure all the nodes are connected, which of course they are or none of the smaller aircraft will run. This is my eleventh airport now and I am still no further on. I have tried increasing the width of the taxiways to no avail. whenever I try to get the stand working this is what I get. airport ceo, no taxiway to a runway supporting medium aircraft found.
I have put in a bug report but have heard nothing back.
Any suggestions please???

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How long is your runway?

Have you turned on medium flights on that runway?

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Did you apply all steps on in-game tutorial? Also please provide some screenshots of problem and what have you built.

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Have you enabled medium on the stands and runway? Also, what does it look like on the flight planner top right?

Make sure you have the same settings for your Medium Stands as your Runways.

Does your runway have the lenght to accomodate medium aircraft ?

(Hit the ‘extend runway’ option five times)

Hi Rubble not sure what you mean by this, I can’t see anything in the tutorial that mentions this!! what buttons do I press to achieve this.

These two images show you a runway that does and does not accept medium aircraft. Can you check if yours is set this way? It’s the button in the center of the runway interface.

This runway accepts medium aircraft

This runway does NOT accept medium aircraft


Like @dewitjur explained for the runways, the stands have the same kind of toggle.

Hi everybody and thanks, It turns out that I had not slid the toggle over on the runways. It makes no mention of this in the tutorial.

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A new tutorial system is being worked on by @Alexander

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