Airport CEO Mobile Test?

Hi! Yesterday and today I’ve been getting into game development in Unity. I saw that it had an IOS and Android export feature. I was wondering if the devs had any plans to see what would happen if they tried running the game on a mobile device. Since you know there are many different algorithms and what not that are being done in the background. It would be an interesting test to see if it would be playable. So yeah. It would be interesting to see what would happen.

I have always wondered what happens if you run software made for windows on phones that run windows… Though I can’t imagine a phone handling the workload too well…

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I doubt that this game will be made mobile available for the reason of not enough space also it pry won’t be able to hit the buttons for CEO or staff

Unity as a tool is pretty amazing so I wouldn’t be surprised if there we none to minor issues with “porting” the game to iOS, well except for the implementation of touch controls (which Unity handles pretty easily) and to completely adapt the UI and game controls to touch. That would be a pretty huge task. Also, not to mention potential performance constraints…

I honestly don’t know. I’ve developed a few mobile games (iOS) using Unity and it worked pretty flawlessly but they were a fraction of the size of this game.

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I’m quite impressed with Unity. Two of my favourite simulation games are built on it, and they both feel smooth, large worlds to play in, and look beautiful. They are of course Cities Skylines and Parkitect.

And I love the graphics in Airport CEO. you made the right decision to make them more realistic. We just need windows. :slight_smile:

As evidence i present… Terraria. The mobile port required some major ui changes, but runs just as good on my nexus 7 as my pc


Prison arch has been ported to iOS and android tablets now so it’s do able and plays pretty well with hardly any feature loss. Don’t know how big this game is in comparison to that though.

And Mac* :wink:


Can u give me the link to the port??

Can’t get links for Apple Store so just search it if your on iOS. Only works on tablets though not mobile, despite it being called prison architect mobile and its very good!

Use a windows phone.

Terrible Game on mobile

Very good?? Hmm. Not so sure.

It’s not really that different from the steam version so what didn’t you like, assuming you liked the pc version?

It doesn’t have the steam workshop, where you can get mods.

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