Airport CEO - Minecraft Aviation Topic

I made an air plane for Airport CEO.
It is pictured here:

It is on Creative server 1 in MCentral. You can teleport to my plot with this command:
/plot h Johngi.
My username is Johngi, in case you wondering.


I am coming dude

Decided… I’ll be building a new Airport for Airport CEO in Minecraft PE.

U on Minecraft PE or PC??

if you wanna see some cool airports on minecraft look on minecart rapid transit server


Starting of the runway… Actually for GA… small one

Runway ready !!!:grinning: Only runway. Threshold coming soon.

Edit: I guess no one can watch the video… :thinking: @Olof how to post videos… or rather how u guyz do it??

Runway from ATC.

Last Update for today…(00:00 AM IN INDIA)

Terminal Construction Started🏗

U can see the high speed exits🚄 and ATC

Main Taxi entry and exit from ATC.:taxi::oncoming_taxi:.
Good Night😴


One more thing guyz… This airport is dedicated to Airport CEO… So don’t think I am turning forum into Minecraft forum. I will post updates ONLY on this thread. Are u Ok with it Devs?? @Olof @Fredrik ??

WOW! That looks pretty sweet! You did that all in a day?

It’s unrealistic, there are no high speed turnouts in ACEO!

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@Aeroflot808 No one fills those big runway with hands… Simply use /fill command that is by default included in Minecraft PE and PC too. It took me 5 minutes to make me the runway. And 1/2 hour for markings. ATC took 20min. Taxiway took 20min… Terminal took 5min. Use commands is Minecraft.

@Bigbigcheese Atleast it will be there in the final release??? C’mon I am trying.

Two Aircraft Bays. Before pointing out flaws… Just take into consideration that I am making it out of big blocks and not ink. And also i am learning to use different commands as I build… I am newbie.

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Exterior Of the Terminal is completed :european_castle:… Let’s start putting things inside.:seat:


Wow! By the way, its Minecraft PC, @anshu1605, Your tower is Very good, I will take inspiration from it. Your airport is brilliant!

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If you weren’t banned for using caps when a member did and was fine

VERY new to minecraft, how exactly do you use commands? (on ipad) I was trying to build an airport but need to do some things fast, otherwise it would take forever to complete.

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Use /fill or /clone commands.

For /fill [dataid]

For example, u want 500 block long runway from black wool…
/fill 0 14 4 500 14 4 wool 15
Where 14 is the width and 4 is the level at which the runway will be built.

Also I recommend u use Minecraft PC… It will get tedious on mobile or tablet… As it happened with me.

I stopped my creation… And will continue when I buy Minecraft on PC.

All items I’d list:
Note use Block Names instead of id. And if u want different colours then use integer data values.

Still Good Luck.:+1: