Airport CEO: Helicopters

Innovative rotor configurations, sleek cockpit designs, and formidable thrust! These are just a handful of features that define the helicopters in Airport CEO, a new type of vessel that can now traffic your airport! Featuring iconic models like the Bell 206 and the Boeing CH-47 Chinook in a passenger configuration, the Airport CEO Helicopters DLC showcases a quintet of distinct helicopter models that have played a pivotal role in aviation.

This DLC also enables you to operate a new type of airport: Helicopters only! Of course, a hybrid configuration is also supported per your airport’s requirements.

New features:

  • Five new helicopters
  • Two new airlines
  • The small helipad
  • The medium helipad
  • Helicopter only airport operations
  • Helicopter research projects
  • Helicopter incidents

As a small celebration of the newly arrived choppers, we put together a small trailer showing them from their best angles…

Read more about the Airport CEO: Helicopters DLC here! :helicopter:


:helicopter: This will be epic :heart_eyes:

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Time to get to the choppa :helicopter:


Spin me up… woop woop woop


Can you open your airport without a runway now? Heliports have no need for one.

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You can indeed build a only helicopter airport. No runway required.

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A possible bug was found:

“It’s possible to research / unlock Medium Helicopter Stands before you’ve researched / unlocked the Medium Commercial License. This means you can book flights without having the required check-in desks available.”

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Another bug, found by “Coffee” (caffeinatedcreg) on discord.
Tiles can no longer be placed under hangars once they are built (probably applies to other structures too). This is very annoying, so I would love to see the ability to place tiles under structures back again.

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I found this bug yesterday but didn’t remember it until just now. This bug is present in both helicopter stands and aircraft stands.

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I did that very thing. Why I suggested the language was altered change to reflect this possibility.

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Or that both projects allow the placement of medium check in desks removing the issue altogether. That is what I would go with

Thanks for this surprise! Love it!

Small bug I’ve encountered: It currently does not seem possible to assign vehicles to helicopter stands. Any others experiencing this?


I thought I had, but need to try again.

What isn’t needed are belt loaders, cleaning, catering and pushback.

Baggage carts, fuel and when remote: busses and service vehicles are only ones needed

Exciting addition to Airport CEO with the Helicopters DLC, introducing new helicopter models, airlines, helipads, research projects, and more. A great expansion for aviation enthusiasts!


Do helicopters use hangars to repair , if so how do you get them there ???

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No they don’t as you correctly identify that they would have no way of getting there.

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I can’t seem to assign vehicles to helipads either or refuel helicopters. Devs any idea?