Airport CEO | Extreme Lag/FPS Drops [Solved]


I have been playing airport ceo for around 22 hours without any issues then suddenly out of nowhere Lag spikes and fps drops suddenly appear out of nowhere.

When this occurred I thought it must of been the catering building I placed but I don’t think it was anymore I just don’t know what may be causing it. I have noticed that I get a notification that a flight is having a issue with a check in so maybe that is sending repetitively in a fast period I do not know.

I have attached a link towards my airport below if you need my save file i can send that too.

My Specs:
GTX 1060 with a I7 Processor and 8 GB of ram.

Same for me … but always

for me I am unable to play it won’t allow me to do anything.

You aren’t playing on the experimental build by any chance? That’s Alpha 34

The screenshots say “Alpha 33.50-0”.

I’m not on alpha 34 i’m on the one Orb stated. it’s the one steam provided me.

Ah true. Didn’t see the link at first.

At the moment the best thing you can do is send a report through the in-game reporting system that way the devs will receive the savegame file and other save parameters. If you want to you can also attach the report number to this post for the devs to see.

I am no expert in that field, but sometimes something happens, we do not think about. Does it happen at a certain hour of the day? Maybe some software in the background like an antivirus just updates on a fixed scheme or scans something and takes priority? Just be sure to exclude stuff like this happening. Does it happen after re-loading the game?

Sounds like, as people have mentioned, you’re triggering something specific. Can you do a bug report and get back here with the number?

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I made one there ACEO-21240


I don’t believe it’s a anti virus software as the game as I had up to 20 hours within 2 days with no issues. I have updated my graphics card software however that did not solve it. It happens when ever i load my airport however not straight away give it a minute then it will happen. It has to be something triggering it when i load up the airport I get notifications can’t check in a boarding desk, this person can’t find her way.

I think when you load’ your game many things like e-mails and notification just pile in to much which causes way to much lag and makes the game completely impossible to process or play. That is what happens to me, but after like 30 seconds the game works at a modest 50-60 FPS.

I will let it rest for 5 minutes and see is there a difference in the performance

Can you send a screen shot of what is on-screen when the save loads in.

Is it like completely not playable?

can’t touch it at all once I do the window would crash.

I’ve had a similar issue wherein I experience intermittent freezes. This seems to mostly occur while I’m building my airport (or zoning areas) and tends to relent once I exit the game and begin anew. I wonder if there’s a memory leak?

Here is where I am struggling though everything was running smoothly then when i built Waste Depot and Catering Building that’s when i encountered issues.

Now I think I have like 7 Gate Sands in construction with a new taxi way (I think the taxiway was finished though)

That is just odd. Yah I think you should just let @Olof look at you save-game.

I have observed this behaviour in A34 when my constructors are demolishing sidewalks.

As the lags are not occurring immediately, but just when constructers arrive at demolishing-site, I didn’t figure it out immediately.

As soon as sidewalk demolishing is finished, game is getting back to normal. ACEO-21331

Edit: As more sidewalk-tiles as you mark for demolishing, as worse the lags are…