Airport CEO Beta 6 released

Olof, can you do me a favor and come back filling the map with grass over a larger area. You had to change something between versions because now I have the effect as in the picture below.
I know the map is oversized and you don’t support it … but until yesterday everything was fine.


Nice! two games in one.

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Beta 6.1-0 is now live on the default branch! Patch notes here: Steam :: Airport CEO :: Airport CEO Beta 6 released


I want to also ask that the 4x4 smaller grid be extended back out too. I remember way earlier on when one would edit their map to be larger the grid to help with building would be there too.

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Any planed betas for improving the autoplanner, if the game is going into 1.0 soon, it need to be updated


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[ACEO-40250 10] - Added limit to number of stands allowed to connect to a single baggage bay

i have 20 medium stands, and now only can 6 medium stands, how can i connected baggage bay? after update all its ok.

You need to build additional baggage bays to handle the load! :slight_smile:

However, existing connections will remain, but you will not be able to connect any more to that bay.

We’ve hotfixed an issue on both the experimental and default branch which could cause loading to get stuck for new players on beta, (as mentioned here: [Solved] Stuck on loading screen after updating to beta 6 - #16) same version number!


hi, if i build additional baggage bays, i must build additional baggage drop and baggage claim?

Yes, every baggage bay needs own check-in and/or bag drops + also a own baggage claim belt.

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okay thanks

Can split them up to use same number of check in desks but maybe send half to one bay and half to another :slight_smile: still have the same capacity effectively in terms of bag drops/desks

When will multi liveries in airlines be back? @Olof

So I’ve not been playing on experimental since first Beta, and regular branch is 6.1-0. My question is; I see you changed baggage bays to only handle 6 medium stands each. Is that the same number for Large? or do bays handle only 3 large stands? I need to know before I start the layout of the new terminal for large INTL flights only.

In the first beta 7 release! :slight_smile: We’ll probably drop that on Monday or earliest tomorrow.


ACEO-40778 it’s a minor one but finding remote boarding buses are taking between 30-60 game minutes to drive away from the boarding gate bus bay, once fully boarded. Maybe just a minor tweak somewhere? It’s great to see no issues of deadlocking remote gates so this really is a minor thing in comparison to that great fix.

NK752 waited about 30mins, did not directly delay flight beyond a few minutes
DL695 waited about 30mins, flight already was delayed, bus fully boarded at 21:30ish, waited until 22:05ish to pull away towards gate. Added to the delay. Also noticed the Passenger Service Agents walked short distance from desk, looking for rest room, then immediately return to same task. It is as if they think they’re finished, but then allocated back, this happens couple of times whilst bus is paused.

The airport used for reporting does have a fairly long drive but have tested similarly in smaller airports. Hope this might help :slight_smile: The flights mentioned follow on from the bug savegame, as I’m guessing the flight i reported once reported is the perfect crime, it’s escaped :wink:


Perfect, that answers my Q. I can build 5 large stands to 1 bay. This is a new airport when Beta started, I haven’t played in a couple of months but now I’m back to it. The only bugs I get now are dork things that I forgot to do… like include a vehicle depot in my terminal area and I saw no trucks were going to flights! Silly me. :crazy_face:


Maybe some kind of little progress bar or "% Utilised, some kind of indicator on the baggage bay when clicked to show if it’s full or not? (Sorry if it’s already there and i’ve not seen it)

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The window on the baggage bay itself isn’t really usefull at all.
I see lots of flights for the next days but not which one is currently processed, on time, waiting, delayed etc.
That could really use an overhaul.