Airport CEO Beta 6 released

Hey hey hey, airport CEO!

We hope business is going well in these first days of 2021. About two weeks have passed since we came back from the holiday break and that means that beta 6 is ready for deployment! This is another quality of life update that solves a number of important issues, most notably the stand to runway connection issues that required a reload, an issue with certain items on extremely rare occasions clipping through and rendering on all floors, parking lot balancing issues, stalled passengers and much, much more.

Release notes - Beta 6.1-0

New feature

  • [ACEO-40337] - Aircraft path heat map
  • [ACEO-40530] - R&D marketing program now allows for visitors to visit the airport for dining and shopping


  • [ACEO-31199] - Terminals now highlight if they cannot be accessed by other terminals via walkable pathway
  • [ACEO-32237] - Improved Steam Workshop upload procedure for templates
  • [ACEO-32801] - Final QA pass: Vehicle prefabs
  • [ACEO-40250] - Added limit to number of stands allowed to connect to a single baggage bay
  • [ACEO-40407] - Updated main menu buttons
  • [ACEO-40487] - Ground texture improved with season and weather value blending
  • [ACEO-40504] - Final QA pass: Main menu
  • [ACEO-40516] - Text area beneath tool tip header disabled if not filled with text
  • [ACEO-40519] - Slightly improved visuals of taxiway node setting panel


  • [ACEO-32517] - Rebalanced vehicle parking lot availability for departing passengers as a result of the ACEO-40242 fix
  • [ACEO-38291] - Shipment deliveries to deactivated structures or dispatched via world entrance tunnels without an immediate road checkpoint connection will not be correctly executed
  • [ACEO-39141] - Persons not correctly fetching carried assets can cause objects to render across floors
  • [ACEO-39238] - Employee parking supply and ratio calculation not adequately balanced causing more staff vehicles to be parked than staff on site
  • [ACEO-39280] - Vehicles can pass through walls when driving via tunnel with a parallel road
  • [ACEO-39286] - Template buttons can in rare instances throw various null reference exceptions
  • [ACEO-39296] - Aircraft can in rare instances throw null reference exceptions when trying to randomize access doors
  • [ACEO-39423] - Atmospheric pressure is displayed as bar instead of millibar
  • [ACEO-40175] - Boarding can be immediately completed after deboarding if no passengers are present in the secure area of the boarding desk
  • [ACEO-40198] - Saab 340 aircraft service vehicle paths not centered
  • [ACEO-40201] - Destination array length exception can in rare instances cause aircraft to stall
  • [ACEO-40202] - Flights cannot always be planned on specific times
  • [ACEO-40204] - Passengers can on unsuccsesfull floor transition deadlock in blocked off areas above transition item
  • [ACEO-40240] - Uncaught null reference exception in aircraft stand deboarding to bus process can cause process to stop and aircraft deboarding to stall and deadlock
  • [ACEO-40244] - Missing null reference check in vehicle ahead speed adjustment can cause vehicle to stall
  • [ACEO-40251] - Very rare null reference exception when building shop shelves can stall contractor interacting with shelf
  • [ACEO-40300] - Aircraft prefer hangars close to originating runway rather than close proximity
  • [ACEO-40316] - Runway ramp upgrade panel does not always display relevant options
  • [ACEO-40332] - Stands with heavily delayed approaching GA aircraft cannot be closed
  • [ACEO-40352] - Aircraft can in rare instances wait excessively before pushing back
  • [ACEO-40354] - Missing deoccupation call can cause vehicles waiting for parking a transit structures to stall for some time before parking
  • [ACEO-40355] - Staff need values deteriorate too quickly while working
  • [ACEO-40363] - Hedge is not counted as a plant by the tutorial
  • [ACEO-40392] - Aircraft can in rare instances get stuck on taxiway path after loading game
  • [ACEO-40405] - Runway and stand connection statuses not always correctly set
  • [ACEO-40410] - Individual ramp upgrade doesn't consider ramp size
  • [ACEO-40415] - Origin country not set for newly spawned persons
  • [ACEO-40416] - Heatmap doesn't properly update when game is paused
  • [ACEO-40424] - Deserialized vehicles parked on parking lots cannot be correctly claimed by passengers causing various transit related issues
  • [ACEO-40433] - Transportation vehicles do not verify origin world entrance tunnel connectivity to target causing them to in certain instances leave immediately after being spawned
  • [ACEO-40437] - Road checkpoint to world entrance error can be displayed if game is paused for a long while
  • [ACEO-40443] - Uncaught null reference on aircraft go around action can cause aircraft to stall
  • [ACEO-40450] - Large and small flights not always generated after extensive game session
  • [ACEO-40461] - Editing existing templates can in rare instances not be completed
  • [ACEO-40467] - Rooms can over time incorrectly become considered as unreachable causing staff and passengers to not use them
  • [ACEO-40489] - Localization isn't fetching tutorial panel shortcut for mayor's email
  • [ACEO-40490] - Flight planner overlaps tutorial panel
  • [ACEO-40491] - Tutorial introduction isn't ending correctly while game is paused
  • [ACEO-40492] - Terminal overlay shortcut and button available before feature is unlocked
  • [ACEO-40513] - Static stand notifications for missing connections do not match look of other world notifications
  • [ACEO-40514] - Construction effects missing when contractors construct tiles
  • [ACEO-40517] - Placing fence gate on fence causes construction overlay duplicate
  • [ACEO-40518] - Tile construction overlay not diffuse material
  • [ACEO-40520] - Aviation fuel supply trucks set airport logo on spawn
  • [ACEO-40522] - Items that are allowed to be placed outside can be placed on any structure
  • [ACEO-40523] - Construction particle effect not spawned for tile construction and deconstruction
  • [ACEO-40524] - Flowers can be built on top of pond
  • [ACEO-40525] - Demolishing unbuilt flowers causes orphaned construction overlay
  • [ACEO-40526] - Commercial project brief panel spacing missing between certain cramped categories
  • [ACEO-40527] - Project container wraps percentage symbol
  • [ACEO-40528] - Check-in desks emit toggle on sound on construction completion
  • [ACEO-40529] - Doors animate despite not being built
  • [ACEO-40546] - Snow can be rendered across ground despite notably warm temperatures
  • [ACEO-40549] - Auto-saving may under extremely rare circumstances occur before game state is fully deserialized during load process
  • [ACEO-40550] - Demolishing terminal foundation using terminal bulldozer with construction simulation causes orphaned wall construction overlays
  • [ACEO-40575] - Arriving passengers can in certain building configurations not find passport desks
  • [ACEO-40578] - Fire trucks positioned too far from emergency will not engage in extinguishing
  • [ACEO-40581] - Extremely rare tunnel adjacent road configurations can cause vehicle spawning to stall
  • [ACEO-40615] - Passengers boarding on medium aircraft can in rare instances use rear entry with no stair truck being present
  • [ACEO-40641] - Passengers can in configurations where rooms are placed excessively apart overwhelmingly prefer closest room
  • [ACEO-40685] - Flights can in rare instances complete boarding immediately after loading
  • [ACEO-40711] - Airports relying on solely automated check-in can in certain instances not invoke boarding
  • [ACEO-40715] - Season textures incorrectly rendered underground
  • [ACEO-40716] - Incorrect fetch setting can cause employees to not access staff rooms
  • [ACEO-40734] - Departing passengers located in a specific generic area compared to passport desks can in rare instances not continue through those desks

Update notes

Aircraft congestion heat map

We’ve added another heat map filter for aircraft congestion. The ideal use of this heat map is to detect any capacity or construction issues with your existing setup.

R&D marketing: Visitors

The R&D marketing program now comes with the side effect of spawning visitors interested in visiting your airport. Visitors are like passengers without a flight ticket and no times to keep but with empty stomachs and a desire for shopping.

Visitors can be banned from your airport using a toggle in the operations panel (visible only when the R&D marketing program is active).

And as always… loads of bug fixes and balancing

In excess of the critical bug fixes mentioned above we’ve also fixed and balanced a range of other issues as can been see in the change log. You’ll now also start to see some of the first issues mentioning final QA passes on certain areas, such as vehicle, aircraft and UI. We still have a few additional planned betas ahead of us and we’ll make sure to find some time soon to put together another dev blog updating you on the development progression.

Regardless, we’ll be back in another two weeks with beta 7 as we continue the journey to the 1.0 release!

// Alexander, Fredrik & Olof - Apoapsis Studios


How many betas are planed? Won’t this be the last one?

a question when will the MDK of the newly launched aircraft come out?

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I think Olof said we are up to eight betas now somewhere.

It’s the last originally planned beta containing the last initially planned changes, but there will definitely be a few more as we gear up towards the full release.

Fredrik is working on that as for beta 6 and 7! :slight_smile:



New day, new release. Here’s beta 6.0-1 soon live on the experimental branch:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Beta 6.0-1


  • [ACEO-39286] - Template buttons can in rare instances throw various null reference exceptions
  • [ACEO-40175] - Boarding can be immediately completed after deboarding if no passengers are present in the secure area of the boarding desk
  • [ACEO-40202] - Flights cannot always be planned on specific times
  • [ACEO-40352] - Aircraft can in rare instances wait excessively before pushing back
  • [ACEO-40415] - Origin country not set for newly spawned persons
  • [ACEO-40416] - Heatmap doesn't properly update when game is paused
  • [ACEO-40437] - Road checkpoint to world entrance error can be displayed if game is paused for a long while

New feature


  • [ACEO-32237] - Improved Steam Workshop upload procedure for templates

hello, Will you add on the second floor bridge that in front of the Terminal entrance? (like the Tunnel)

its easy if you build other building on other side and drag the floor to other side its should a bridge

thank you, but I mean the public vehicle road bridge where buses and private cars arrive

Sorry to ask (yet again) but are longer runways (prefab or not) planned for any of the betas? Current runways are too short and are game breaking for me

If you mean elevated roads, that is not planned for the full release.

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Hey there,

how is the status of the weather generating system? At my Airport located in Greece I have 33,6 C in autumn. So far, so good, but the ground texture is showing snow (At least I guess white means snow; correct me if I´m wrong :sweat_smile:). Is this a bug, or is the weather system going to be overhauled? :smile:


I think that’s currently texture is determined by day in a year instead of temperature. That can really be improved

Yes, the winter texture comes in all climate areas which are not tropical, desert or even full time winter and is related to the season and not the weather and temperature. So it automatically switches shortly after the message “Winter season is coming in” (or similar) and lasts until Spring season starts.

Let’s see if the devs have planned some changes on that.

Yeah, it’s locked to season and not to weather at this point. Will sort it out before 1.0 release, other than that the weather system works very well today considering everything and is completed for 1.0 release.


I wonder when is U-Turn coming one of most requested feature for past 3 years I believe :thinking:

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seeing as we now have a vastly improved weather system and wind effects, any chance the runway direction can now change with the wind?

Unfortunately not… we had that implemented two years ago, causes havoc with taxiway systems that aren’t well laid out. I agree, it was a fun feature.


But can we have a button that manually changes the direction of a runway? It’s helpful for renovation and accidental placement