Airport CEO and the time problem

Hello guys,

i am from germany my english is not the best, but i found a mistake with the time in Airport CEO. Passengers and vehicles walk/drive in “real time”, but the time ingame time is much faster.

When 10 passengers wait in front of the security checkpoint, they need 30 minutes (ingame time). But normally 10 passengers need only 5 minutes (real time).

One car need from the east side to the west side 45 minutes (ingame time), but in real time only 10 minutes.

I think Airport CEO has a time management problem. The relationship between movements and time does not fit together very well. That’s why planes take 4 hours to get ready (normally small planes need only 45 minutes).

I konw this problem can not be solved easily (many games have such a problem).

A possible idea would be that passengers and vehicles move a little bit faster and the time runs a little bit slower …

Guys how do you think about the problem? :smiley:

sidenote; think a lot of people on forums do speak German ;). Just go for it next time.

Not to mention that Germany has some of the best English language training on the planet :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to The forums! The time topic has been brought up a number of times and it would be worth doing a forum search to see what else has come up. But I agree it needs to be adjusted :slight_smile:

I did not expect that the ingame time is a relevant topic for so many player! :smiley:

I search in the forum and find this developer answer:

The developer know about the time problem … :slight_smile:


I have been on the time issue since gameplay video 3 before the game came out. Things take way too long to happen and I think the game time needs slowed down at least 25% perhaps more. You should be able to schedule more than say 6 flights per hour to takeoff or land, but in the game this is impossible. It can sometimes take an hour to taxi to a stand, pax takes hours to get from checkin to gate, etc.


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