Airport CEO Alpha 29 released

Did they ever have faces as it is a top down perspective?

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First optical impression: great! Now I see the PAX in the furthest zoom level! :slight_smile:
I see feet if they walk and legs if they are sitting.

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This is so amazing!



Looks amazing, i play on a laptop on the lowest setting and love the new passengers, can see them and bags in great detail.
Have submitted a bug report - 8191 - my passengers are going to shops and not leaving until the shop closes. So all my flights are delayed.

Good work, looking forward to the bug fixes that come.

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On the Steam Airport CEO page, hit settings, there you have to switch to Experimental manually.

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Is the Carry-On luggage new as well? Don’t remember seeing them before.

Yeah, I find the stand waiting area’s very messy with it :smiley:

Yes, that’s new.

It’s also what I’m like when I’m at an airport I’m afraid so I find it realistic :grinning:

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Looks good but I have a lot of problems: buses gets stuck, passengers not arriving at the gate, planes delay, passengers are stuck on each other, passengers stuck when exiting using the terminal bridge, slow game play, lots of messages of all the problems. Besides that the graphics looks better. where can I send my save?

Use the in-built bug reporting tool. Top right.

It seems @Olof still has the following bug on his list, was reported on internal already;

  • Money displaying on overlay and not disappearing

  • The game also has a baggage counter that has no relation to the baggage system.

  • Busses get stuck on remote stand pick up sites, please bug report them, known bug though.

Olof also forgot to mention an upgrade for the bug reporting tool

(game log most often found in C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO, named output_log.txt)
You must know outpu_log rewrites on ever game so make sure to get your issue keys out before starting up the game again.

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I played only for 30 minutes, I really liked what I’ve seen, I like the new characters, even though I see them with much more “flashy” colors than the few screenshots that I’m seeing here.

There are a few bugs that I already reported, but I’m not worried about that, I think overall it’s a success, a step forward so congrats! Already thinking of multi floors and a way to get people to move faster, because with the current setup, with multi floor, no one will be on time anywhere.


It’s actually more realistic as you wouldn’t be able to see things like eyes from a true top down perspective. Regarding the models, they are indeed compressed for rendering optimization. We could discuss adding a graphic setting in the future to enable higher polygon and more details, but that would sure be at a performance cost.

During this iteration we have experimented with several different models and rendering techniques to allow for both fast rendering, detailed and low cost animations, and at the same time allow for unique set of colors for each person. We think this is the right way to go if we want to truly simulate an airport with thousands of passengers further on. :slight_smile:


There’s a bug where busses aren’t leaving gates on time or once done boarding, bug ACEO-8201


Like to also give an update, running about 2k passengers-2.9k passengers everything is fine besides my fans.
3k-4k things start to take a hit, but is still smoother than it used to be at 2k. So far so good!


Oh, since the squashing of the pathfinder bug in most recent version, I started to make way more profits.


Is it just me that seeing conveyor belts moving in the opposite directions to the arrows whilst the baggage is still moving in the correct direction against the arrows?

I’ve had that for a long time now.