Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 released

Hello everyone! One year ago Airport CEO was released into early access. Today we’re here with the One Year Anniversary Update and can finally deploy Alpha 28.4 to the default branch. The experimental thread will now be locked and over the weekend we will maintain and hot fix the default branch as required.

Tonight’s special anniversary devlog will follow soon.

Here is the full change log for Airport CEO Alpha 28.4-0 compared to the old version:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.4-0


  • [ACEO-2383] - Adjust franchise values: Reduce rent, increase sales cut and bonus to force players to actually encourage sales to make money
  • [ACEO-4073] - Improve middle mouse panning
  • [ACEO-4353] - Add cancel button to dialog panel
  • [ACEO-4845] - Improve message text on "another aircraft occupies assigned stand" notification
  • [ACEO-4885] - Improve performance for pathfinding specifically relating to long paths
  • [ACEO-5097] - Adapt medium stands to support jetways in a modular fashion
  • [ACEO-5119] - Adapt service vehicle warning light speed to game speed
  • [ACEO-5531] - Update game engine LTS verison
  • [ACEO-5658] - Add message to clarify that taxiway paths need to be placed on constructed taxiway foundation
  • [ACEO-5661] - Adapt taxiway path finding to use threading
  • [ACEO-5690] - Implement system to allow recognition of reachable stands to support two separate taxiway system
  • [ACEO-5706] - Improve vehicle stand navigation and positioning
  • [ACEO-5723] - Improve ramp agent movement on stand to avoid common vehicle and equipment areas
  • [ACEO-5837] - Clarify total revenue on room panel as rent and' sales cut
  • [ACEO-5931] - Reduce flight planner loading time by implementing a more efficient pooling system
  • [ACEO-6104] - Enable medium stands to have jetways disabled by default when building
  • [ACEO-6106] - Align service car stop appearance with airside shuttle bus stop
  • [ACEO-6110] - Enhance passenger movement on remote stands to reflect usage of assigned pathways
  • [ACEO-6118] - Combined sprites on taxiway edges
  • [ACEO-6181] - Increase per-person process time for small security checkpoints
  • [ACEO-6394] - Combine sprites on runway entries and exits
  • [ACEO-6444] - Add extra turnaround time to flights served on remote stands to account for the distance service vehicles has to travel
  • [ACEO-6461] - Implement custom ECS for aircraft movement
  • [ACEO-6633] - Reduce time it takes for persons to find intractable items in the world
  • [ACEO-6634] - Migrate various passenger logic updates to custom ECS solution to reduce load per frame
  • [ACEO-6637] - Improve business product spawning system
  • [ACEO-6638] - Improve passenger shopping behavior
  • [ACEO-6673] - Add window icons in build menu
  • [ACEO-6766] - Implement new runway approach light sprites
  • [ACEO-6800] - Various very minor performance improvements
  • [ACEO-6814] - Enable threading for vehicle path finding
  • [ACEO-6828] - Enable enter button to close and confirm dialog panels


  • [ACEO-3406] - If you click demolish a stand and then select another stand before clicking the dialog panel, the new stand will deleted instead
  • [ACEO-3645] - Arrival airplane's shadows can be seen on edge of map
  • [ACEO-3670] - Public vehicles can sometimes use service road if two road checkpoints are present
  • [ACEO-3732] - Two unconnected runways causes GA flights to block when landing on the wrong runway
  • [ACEO-4212] - Planes wander off taxiway and through terminal
  • [ACEO-4423] - Minimum flight separation does not correctly allow flights to be scheduled at the set value
  • [ACEO-4619] - Airline satisfaction does not update in dashboard panel when loading game
  • [ACEO-4621] - Room overlay effect remains for a few seconds after demolition
  • [ACEO-4665] - NullReferenceException in the order delivery system can cause delivery trucks to deadlock
  • [ACEO-4751] - When passengers take their luggage from the high speed belts they take it the tray with them
  • [ACEO-4818] - Vehicles do not respect occupied road nodes and tend to inch closer to a vehicle ahead when waiting in line
  • [ACEO-4835] - Attempting to sign an aviation fuel contract from a fuel depot menu will cause the contracts panel to overlap any previously used panel
  • [ACEO-4852] - Conveyor belt system disabled when loading a save game from in-game loading menu
  • [ACEO-4921] - Rare serialization issue where missing queue points can cause passenger processing stall
  • [ACEO-4922] - IndexOutOfRange issue on look point generation for vehicle paths can cause vehicles to stall in certain cases
  • [ACEO-5014] - Pressing escape before a reschedule have been confirmed will un-schedule that flight
  • [ACEO-5029] - Aircraft can get stuck when crossing runway if other aircraft is queue for takeoff
  • [ACEO-5117] - Multiple spelling mistakes
  • [ACEO-5210] - Aircraft can in rare occasions get stuck at gate due to missing flight connection
  • [ACEO-5285] - Small aircraft can in rare occasions end up on medium stands causing a freeze and locked movements
  • [ACEO-5308] - Taxiway foundation wrong description
  • [ACEO-5404] - When deleting an aircraft stand security zone is not removed
  • [ACEO-5410] - Tree can on rare occasions remain on taxiway preventing taxiway path to be placed
  • [ACEO-5431] - ATR42 Allure has Stripe Air livery
  • [ACEO-5528] - Null reference thrown if aircraft somehow loses stand connection
  • [ACEO-5532] - Procurement panel cannot be scrolled unless hoovering on product container
  • [ACEO-5534] - Boarding process incorrectly awaits passengers who have not passed security
  • [ACEO-5607] - Default businesses in some instance still displayed even though the main menu has been toggled off
  • [ACEO-5614] - Planes won't take off from runway due to unable to find runway entrance
  • [ACEO-5620] - Text gets cropped on passenger boarding pass
  • [ACEO-5709] - Dragging stand panel connection lines can propmt unintended stand name input
  • [ACEO-5724] - Business logo aspect ratio wrong on some places
  • [ACEO-5801] - Formatting mistake in Havana description
  • [ACEO-5876] - Null reference issue can cause janitor to get stuck
  • [ACEO-5893] - Spelling mistake in vehicle tasks
  • [ACEO-5899] - Surname with spaces cut at passport bottom data line
  • [ACEO-5906] - Runway exit de-serializes as asphalt by default
  • [ACEO-5914] - Skylink livery on 146 mirrored
  • [ACEO-5938] - Contractor path fail if distance is too long to construction object
  • [ACEO-5940] - If the salary modifier is fully reduced, employees will literally pay you for the work instead of the other way around
  • [ACEO-5941] - Flight schedule tool-tip misspelled
  • [ACEO-5942] - Information desk can get wrong title during construction due to Unity text limitations
  • [ACEO-5944] - Queuing passengers can get stuck when expading queue
  • [ACEO-5946] - Aircraft use runway despite being in a broken state
  • [ACEO-6051] - Taxiway direction not properly set upon loading a save
  • [ACEO-6060] - NullReferenceException thrown can in rare occasions cause passengers to get stuck
  • [ACEO-6064] - Service cars exiting a transit structure can deadlock when yielding for an available node
  • [ACEO-6071] - Taxiway color different to stand and entries
  • [ACEO-6073] - Service car can in certain instances not check for ramp agent job completion causing stand deadlock
  • [ACEO-6082] - Multi-threading issue in aircraft pathfinding system can in rare occasions freeze the game
  • [ACEO-6086] - Belt loader truck can in rare instances become displaced when aligning with an aircraft cargo loading point
  • [ACEO-6087] - APU and GPU placement on stand sometimes overlap with stair truck positioning
  • [ACEO-6094] - Unable to Change Existing One-Way Nodes
  • [ACEO-6103] - Saves older that version 0.23 is stored with incompatible values causing loading to freeze.
  • [ACEO-6125] - Passengers do not properly recognize the appropriate aircraft deboarding and boarding path
  • [ACEO-6136] - Enable vehicles to pass around waiting vehicles in front blocking traffic
  • [ACEO-6137] - IndexOutOfRangeException can cause service vehicles to stall when or after interacting with a stand
  • [ACEO-6139] - Stair truck sprite visible through vehicle depot roof
  • [ACEO-6148] - Active flights count in flight planner is more than max allowed flights of an airline
  • [ACEO-6173] - Flight planner airlines not correctly sorted
  • [ACEO-6179] - Sidewalk tile can turn white on edges
  • [ACEO-6212] - Rare issue with stuck passenger outside terminal not finding their way
  • [ACEO-6216] - Franchise staff unable to leave airport
  • [ACEO-6217] - Texture difference on some asphalt objects
  • [ACEO-6218] - Airside shuttle bus parks in wrong direction on remote stands
  • [ACEO-6248] - Taxiway edges are layered on top of service road
  • [ACEO-6327] - Airside shuttle bus can in rare occasions stall on a remote stand after boarding is completed
  • [ACEO-6386] - Enable person displacement error handling to dump displaced persons on nearby structures
  • [ACEO-6392] - Security checkpoints do not activate properly on shift change
  • [ACEO-6404] - Job task system immediately removes franchise staff jobs due to incorrect activation check
  • [ACEO-6414] - Service vehicles do not respect non-found path when attempting to reach an unreachable vehicle depot causing them to drive across roads and structures
  • [ACEO-6417] - Employees cannot access staff rooms in different secure or open areas causing them to stall while waiting for a new job assignment
  • [ACEO-6426] - Incorrect error handling for missing fuel job tasks cause refueling jobs to spawn on game load
  • [ACEO-6442] - Remote stands do not require a service car stop in order to activate which can break simulation aspects
  • [ACEO-6451] - Stairway truck visible when driving into vehicle depot
  • [ACEO-6452] - Error handling for displaced passengers can cause incorrect teleportation of non-displaced passengers
  • [ACEO-6455] - Passengers can in certain instances deboard without an airside shuttle bus present
  • [ACEO-6465] - Aircraft stuck on runway crossing
  • [ACEO-6477] - Asphalt and concrete tiles overlay runway exit
  • [ACEO-6490] - Only the first flight in a series get adjusted turnaround time for remote stands
  • [ACEO-6495] - NullReferenceException issue causing game to lag when switching save
  • [ACEO-6502] - One way taxiway nodes reverses when built horizontal
  • [ACEO-6575] - Male and female first names reversed
  • [ACEO-6576] - Departure aircraft go to entrance on wrong side of runway
  • [ACEO-6580] - Passengers walk on road instead of sidewalk in secure area
  • [ACEO-6583] - Planes piling up on each other on runway entrance instead of lining up in queue.
  • [ACEO-6586] - Security check-point stops working after shift change
  • [ACEO-6591] - IndexOutOfRangeException when populating room shelves if no products for a certain business can be found
  • [ACEO-6592] - Aircraft can get stuck on taxiway if stand assignment is out of sync
  • [ACEO-6629] - Large terminal can cause floor texture to be blurred
  • [ACEO-6635] - Staff does not deserialize correctly due to exception in ECS class
  • [ACEO-6641] - Wrong referencing list for owned person assets causes duplicate asset reference IDs to be written into multiple carrying slots causing incorrect asset handling
  • [ACEO-6650] - Fence not connecting with road checkpoint built in-fence
  • [ACEO-6654] - Construction can stop working due to exception in ECS class
  • [ACEO-6655] - One-way taxiways that have the arrow pointing down need to be reset and saved to properly work
  • [ACEO-6657] - Filth tiles incorrectly generated at contractor drop-off sites causing janitors job task deadlock
  • [ACEO-6658] - Flight separator time claims flight is blocking other day flights when it is a once flight
  • [ACEO-6659] - Persons incorrectly fetch far-away seats when available ones are nearby
  • [ACEO-6664] - Deserialized baggage can scatter across airport due to bug mitigation method
  • [ACEO-6669] - Typo in stand description
  • [ACEO-6686] - Taxiway visual nodes layered on top of aircraft
  • [ACEO-6704] - Airside shuttle bus stop deleteable even though connection with remote stand exists
  • [ACEO-6706] - Missing NullReferenceException handling when displaying owned assets for a passenger can cause the passenger UI to stuck
  • [ACEO-6708] - One-way ignored if set on specific rotation
  • [ACEO-6712] - Can't open stands built directly at border
  • [ACEO-6736] - Service car can in rare instances get stuck at small stands when a flight has been dismissed
  • [ACEO-6749] - Businesses with no products generated cannot complete any sales
  • [ACEO-6763] - Performance improvement of passenger world perception method causes flight references to null and some passengers to immediately leave and not check-in
  • [ACEO-6765] - Flight information panel does not show up in flight planner if game is paused
  • [ACEO-6769] - Interaction point on interaction items not correctly randomized when fetched
  • [ACEO-6786] - Some runway entrances and exits foundations overlap markings and aircraft
  • [ACEO-6793] - Service trucks hauling cargo can reference its previous flight causing stalling outside stands
  • [ACEO-6803] - Minimum flight separation not working when manually scheduling a flight
  • [ACEO-6808] - Flight planner stand sorting is "Z to A" instead of "A to Z"
  • [ACEO-6813] - Incorrect parking for service trucks can on stands lead to deadlock when performing job task
  • [ACEO-6826] - Ramp agents can deadlock when unloading baggage from belt loader
  • [ACEO-6840] - Date time parse error causes save to fail load
  • [ACEO-6845] - Aircraft shadow when flying has incorrect z value offset
  • [ACEO-6846] - Warning light on stair access truck not activating properly

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4821] - Implement stair truck
  • [ACEO-4822] - Implement airside shuttle bus
  • [ACEO-4824] - Implement boarding desk connection to airside shuttle bus stop
  • [ACEO-4825] - Implement airside shuttle bus stop
  • [ACEO-4827] - Implement passenger airside shuttle bus boarding and deboarding simulation
  • [ACEO-5024] - Implement belt loader truck
  • [ACEO-5114] - Implement belt loader truck simulation
  • [ACEO-5115] - Implement stair truck simulation
  • [ACEO-5116] - Implement airside shuttle bus transfer simulation
  • [ACEO-5267] - Implement ramp agent transfer to remote stands
  • [ACEO-5691] - Implement ability to click on runway to display its connected stands
  • [ACEO-5701] - Implement one-way taxiways for asphalt and concrete taxiways using right click on taxiway path to set direction
  • [ACEO-5707] - Implement service car stop
  • [ACEO-6182] - Enable security staff employee skill to affect time of passenger processing in security checkpoints
  • [ACEO-6443] - Implement remote stand segment in tutorial
  • [ACEO-6491] - Implement medium and large windows
  • [ACEO-6538] - Implement three new person car models
  • [ACEO-6539] - Implement new product sprites
  • [ACEO-6768] - Implement new HQ aircraft sound and new aircraft sound simulation system
  • [ACEO-6856] - Impement Airbus A319


what do you mean with this?


A good question, most likely “message” so I will update that issue… thanks for reporting! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is the one year surprise the A319?

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Big congrats on your work guys! Big step forward!

Hoozaah! One-way taxiways! :smiley:

Great release guys, and congrats on the one year anniversary! :heart_eyes:

Well, it is a small surprise yes but there is another one for you guys. :slight_smile:

Windows! Been waiting a long time for those ;D

You do such an awesome job with this game. Is the “2nd surprise” a true surprise we have to discover, or are you releasing it in another update later?

[ACEO-5690] - Implement system to allow recognition of reachable stands to support two separate taxiway system
Does that mean you could have an airport with runways on both sides of the terminal (i.e. east and west), and then have the east runway service the east gates only, and west service the west gates only? :smiley:

Can’t wait to get off work and start the weekend!


Well, it is a small surprise yes but there is another one for you guys. :slight_smile:

Please let it be resized and reduced-sized boarding desks :blush:


What is the other one? :grinning:

Sounds awesome! Keep up the great work! Been here for 1 year now!

New aircraft sounds! :slight_smile:

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But i cant find any a319 which contract i need to sign or do i miss anything here? :slight_smile:

There you have it! Maybe you haven’t signed those contracts yet?

Just a little nitpick… A319 should only have one arrow on the wing emergency exit markings as there is only one exit, unlike on A320. Just like you can see bellow.

Also congrats guys! I cannot believe a year has passed.


Well done this game just keeps getting better!!
Are you aware this is still happening with the ramp agents? This was a new save for this update.


I still have some problems with the baggage handling… btw the new sounds are really cool! thanks for that


I don’t think this is “fully fixed”:

[ACEO-6576] - Departure aircraft go to entrance on wrong side of runway

I just submitted bug 6879.

You are partially right, 1 arrow should be there per exit. However the newly built A319s have 2 emergency exits on both sides. They had to increase it because the pax capacity is greater than in the old ones but still lesser than in A320s.

Check for example D-AGWB from Eurowings (ex Germanwings)

If you want the make the modell right in the game either remove 1 curved arrow that is not connecting to emergency exit (that is the old A319) or add an emergency exit to that curved arrow (new A319).