Airport CEO Alpha 28.4 released

Hey all! We’re finally fully back from the summer break with a brand new update for those who dare to go on the experimental branch. In this version we’re rolling out a very first version of remote stands, modular runway pieces, a lot of bug fixes and well, I can’t really remember it all, so a lot of other stuff as well.

:warning: :warning: Beware! This version contains known bugs which will be fixed accordingly in a per-day update, i.e. we will release updates every day next week to get the version stable enough for default! :warning: :warning:

Below are some instructions for the two main features of this update, this text might get updated briefly tomorrow as we clarify instructions. There is currently no tutorial for remote stands, for example.

Remote Stands

Remote stands operate exactly to how normal stands operate, except that they can do so without the proximity of a terminal building. However, since there is no such proximity remote stands are a bit more complicated to operate and to get working efficiently.

The Requirements

  • A remote stand that is connected to a built air-side shuttle bus stop which in turn is also connected to a boarding desk

  • An airside shuttle bus to shuttle passengers

  • A stair truck for aircraft that has elevated access points (most larger jets, however not for example CRJ or ATR)

  • A service car to shuttle ramp agents

  • A service car stop that is connected to a stand (used for shuttling ramp agents to the stands)

The Process

The remote stand turnaround process is similar to normal stands but has a few additional simulation points, such as the ordering of an air-side shuttle bus and its associated simulation as well as the service car. I won’t go into detail how this works as it’ll be more fun for you to see, however if (when) we run into issues we can explain what goes on if it’ll be of any help.

The Bugs

The system has been somewhat tested in a well constructed and functioning airport and by pro players, however still not thoroughly enough for a default release or in airports where operations are not so smooth so do expect a few of issues with stalled vehicles. “On my machine it works well” but we expect you all to run into issues… there are a few visual polish left to deal with and you’ll probably see that, JFYI.

Advanced Taxiway Entry/Exits

The advance taxiway entry and exit is new ways to build entry/exits for your runways. Both a 90 degree and a 45 degree entry/exit have been added to the game. The taxiway entry/exits come in all foundation types and are clickable. The entry/exits can be set to both or a single direction, giving players more control over traffic flow on the taxiway.

The Requirements

  • Must be connected to a runway

The Process

Built as a standard object and is clickable enabling advance settings. Each entry/exits have their pre-built holding point. There is no need to place any manually holding points by right clicking on taxiway nodes.

The Bugs

To preserve save integrity, the new taxiway system will exist along with the old one for a while. Once a runway have two or more taxiway entrance/exits, the old holding points will no longer work for that particular runway. To minimize the risk of bugs, players should decide make the transition to the new system and remove any old holding planes when there are no planes on the taxiways.

Check out the full changelog below to see what’s been added and worked on!

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.1-4


  • [ACEO-2383] - Adjust franchise values: Reduce rent, increase sales cut and bonus to force players to actually encourage sales to make money
  • [ACEO-4073] - Improve middle mouse panning
  • [ACEO-4353] - Add cancel button to dialog panel
  • [ACEO-4845] - Improve message text on "another aircraft occupies assigned stand" notification
  • [ACEO-4885] - Improve performance for pathfinding specifically relating to long paths
  • [ACEO-5097] - Adapt medium stands to support jetways in a modular fashion
  • [ACEO-5119] - Adapt service vehicle warning light speed to game speed
  • [ACEO-5531] - Update game engine LTS verison
  • [ACEO-5658] - Add mrddsgr to clarify that taxiway paths need to be placed on constructed taxiway foundation
  • [ACEO-5661] - Adapt taxiway path finding to use threading
  • [ACEO-5690] - Implement system to allow recognition of reachable stands to support two separate taxiway system
  • [ACEO-5706] - Improve vehicle stand navigation and positioning
  • [ACEO-5723] - Improve ramp agent movement on stand to avoid common vehicle and equipment areas
  • [ACEO-5931] - Reduce flight planner loading time by implementing a more efficient pooling system


  • [ACEO-3406] - If you click demolish a stand and then select another stand before clicking the dialog panel, the new stand will deleted instead
  • [ACEO-3645] - Arrival airplane's shadows can be seen on edge of map
  • [ACEO-3670] - Public vehicles can sometimes use service road if two road checkpoints are present
  • [ACEO-3732] - Two unconnected runways causes GA flights to block when landing on the wrong runway
  • [ACEO-4212] - Planes wander off taxiway and through terminal
  • [ACEO-4751] - When passengers take their luggage from the high speed belts they take it the tray with them
  • [ACEO-4852] - Conveyor belt system disabled when loading a save game from in-game loading menu
  • [ACEO-5029] - Aircraft can get stuck when crossing runway if other aircraft is queue for takeoff
  • [ACEO-5210] - Aircraft can in rare occasions get stuck at gate due to missing flight connection
  • [ACEO-5404] - When deleting an aircraft stand security zone is not removed
  • [ACEO-5431] - ATR42 Allure has Stripe Air livery
  • [ACEO-5528] - Null reference thrown if aircraft somehow loses stand connection
  • [ACEO-5532] - Procurement panel cannot be scrolled unless hoovering on product container
  • [ACEO-5534] - Boarding process incorrectly awaits passengers who have not passed security
  • [ACEO-5614] - Planes won't take off from runway due to unable to find runway entrance
  • [ACEO-5620] - Text gets cropped on passenger boarding pass
  • [ACEO-5709] - Dragging stand panel connection lines can propmt unintended stand name input
  • [ACEO-5724] - Business logo aspect ratio wrong on some places
  • [ACEO-5801] - Formatting mistake in Havana description
  • [ACEO-5876] - Null reference issue can cause janitor to get stuck
  • [ACEO-5893] - Spelling mistake in vehicle tasks
  • [ACEO-5899] - Surname with spaces cut at passport bottom data line
  • [ACEO-5906] - Runway exit de-serializes as asphalt by default
  • [ACEO-5914] - Skylink livery on 146 mirrored
  • [ACEO-5938] - Contractor path fail if distance is too long to construction object
  • [ACEO-5940] - If the salary modifier is fully reduced, employees will literally pay you for the work instead of the other way around
  • [ACEO-5941] - Flight schedule tool-tip misspelled
  • [ACEO-5942] - Information desk can get wrong title during construction due to Unity text limitations
  • [ACEO-5944] - Queuing passengers can get stuck when expading queue
  • [ACEO-5946] - Aircraft use runway despite being in a broken state

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4821] - Implement stair truck
  • [ACEO-4822] - Implement airside shuttle bus
  • [ACEO-4824] - Implement boarding desk connection to airside shuttle bus stop
  • [ACEO-4825] - Implement airside shuttle bus stop
  • [ACEO-4827] - Implement passenger airside shuttle bus boarding and deboarding simulation
  • [ACEO-5024] - Implement belt loader truck
  • [ACEO-5114] - Implement belt loader truck simulation
  • [ACEO-5115] - Implement stair truck simulation
  • [ACEO-5116] - Implement airside shuttle bus transfer simulation
  • [ACEO-5267] - Implement ramp agent transfer to remote stands
  • [ACEO-5691] - Implement ability to click on runway to display its connected stands
  • [ACEO-5701] - Implement one-way taxiways for asphalt and concrete taxiways using right click on taxiway path to set direction
  • [ACEO-5707] - Implement service car stop



Finally! Remote Stands is here :heart_eyes:
My most needed elements for my airport!

(And the new runway exits is just more beautiful than my current setup that’s almost finished…times to build new airport, i guess)


Thank you Olof. You and Fredrik made an amazing job :+1:

As Olof mentioned, remote stands are a little bit complicated so Helper team will try to help as much people as possible on both forum and discord.


“# When passengers take their luggage from the high speed belts they take it the tray with them”

This was always fun to see in action.

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Is this also updated for steam?

Is this also updated for steam?

The game is updated via ONLY Steam. There is no other way to purchase the game

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my mistake. I wanted to ask when all players, so not only via experimental branch, can play.


Default branch will be updated when developers fix reported bugs on experimental branch. It depends on developers.

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A singular runway entrance/exit piece can be used both as an entrance and an exit.


I have a 2 runway setup, 1 for T/O and 1 for landings; can it be such that a runway designated for takeoff only only needs entrances and a landing runway needs only exits? Thanks!!

As long as every runway has at least 1 entrance and 1 exit there is no problem. I suggest you to add an exit to the T/O runway and an entrance to the landing runway for any cases.

Also it will look more realistic :wink:

Yes, but you will risk deadlocks as both arriving and departing aircraft will taxi to this position, therefore it is required to have two separate. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this great update guys! :heart_eyes::+1:

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But where do i find the remote stand? :frowning: cant find it here … i still only have the small ones and the medium ones with Bridge but no remote stand to find… please help me

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Remote stands are just medium stands. You place them where you want (not next to a terminal). Destroy the jetway (in upgrades). Connect to boarding desk, connect to passenger pick up point and ramp agent pickup point. Buy busses, service vehicles and stair trucks, connect to baggage bay and you’re good to go


What would happen if I play with the beta but after that on the normal „world“, where the remote stands aren’t yet. Will they still be in the game or not?

Game will break AFAIK, in the save file there will be some new attribute to the stands. The earlier version will probably not recognise it

great - i will go try new features :smiley:

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Nice to have the whole Saturday to play with the new experimental build.
One question, but may I am only blind…where to find the fences now?

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its same place as before