Airport CEO Alpha 27.8-3 released

Hey everyone!

Last day of Steam summer sale is here and to celebrate this we’re deploying Alpha 27.8-2 to the default branch. The previous experimental versions have been merged into it and so this is the full change log for the difference between Alpha 27.7-2 and Alpha 27.8-2. A few minor new additions but mostly important bug fixes, is what this update is centered around.

Oh, and happy 4th of July to all our USA CEOs! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.8-2


  • [ACEO-4752] - Re-implement basic weather effects
  • [ACEO-4768] - Add new weather station graphics
  • [ACEO-4769] - Add new light pole graphics
  • [ACEO-4883] - Increased loan payback days slightly on all loans.
  • [ACEO-4894] - Enhance displayment of estimated time of weather arrival in weather panel
  • [ACEO-4927] - Improve aircraft node occupation movement system to avoid long waiting time for aircraft when taxiing on same path
  • [ACEO-4948] - Enable in-game settings panel to show and hide with UI components disabled to improve UI performance when animating associated panels
  • [ACEO-4949] - Remove dictionary looping to improve overall passenger, employee and asset (bags) list processing performance


  • [ACEO-4435] - Missing road connection check on transit structures can cause certain transportation vehicle to deadlock
  • [ACEO-4544] - Incorrect connection points on vehicle depot causing fuel and service trucks to get stuck at road checkpoint
  • [ACEO-4546] - Warning text not fading in correctly when paused
  • [ACEO-4580] - Weather system does not cycle weather states
  • [ACEO-4588] - Saving when people are boarding a small stand can cause passengers to get stranded when loading
  • [ACEO-4624] - Game settings file sometimes not being generated on startup causing the main menu to freeze
  • [ACEO-4688] - Null reference issue causes check in process to stop and bags be dropped near check in desk
  • [ACEO-4724] - Secure area zone number for items does not update correctly when merging secure zone areas
  • [ACEO-4731] - "Private" misspelled in employee resume
  • [ACEO-4745] - Aircraft stuck on rare occasions due to incorrect flight setting
  • [ACEO-4748] - Persons cannot discover that an assigned target node is too far away from their initial destination target causing them to walk across zones and objects
  • [ACEO-4863] - "Save game" prompt when quitting to desktop does in some cases not save the game
  • [ACEO-4882] - Person do not check if room is in same secure area before attempting to plot a path there
  • [ACEO-4893] - Several minor development panel bugs related to the weather system
  • [ACEO-4897] - New game start at year 11, day 11 before correcting itself
  • [ACEO-4903] - NullReferenceException thrown when determining average order delivery content type can break the delivery process
  • [ACEO-4916] - Night ambiance light too dark
  • [ACEO-4928] - Vehicle trailer position update coroutine can in rare cases cause notable performance degradation
  • [ACEO-4939] - Game play settings panel does not save settings when closed
  • [ACEO-4954] - Weather panel displays white boxes and null lines when nearing end of current day forecast
  • [ACEO-4955] - Weather summary button does not update immediately when launch game
  • [ACEO-4956] - Weather summary button updates even thoguh a weather station has not been built

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4767] - Implement small fuel depot
  • [ACEO-4829] - Enable full skip of weather cycles to mitigate effect of non-weather cycle bug
  • [ACEO-4926] - Implement toggle to allow users to disable weather effects
  • [ACEO-4953] - Add ground power unit and air conditioning unit as decoration when an aircraft is parked at medium stand

About that with the social media icons after a restart it was fixed so everything is fine.

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My save games don’t seem to be loading, the screen just hangs with Preparing Mods and Businesses.

Okay, got one to load. Seems to be hit and miss whether they load or not.

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And if you run the game vanilla?

Think I have worked out where I’ve gone wrong. Mods was the issue. [SOLVED] :smiley:

Thank you Olof.

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Great! You really never know, haha.

exhales in relief

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Might be a dumb question because I am getting back to the game after a while but is there a summary screen where I can see if all my flights left on time at the end of the day?

There are no dumb questions, just dumb answers! :wink:

Pressing G should give you some insight to the most recent flights (I believe) if you haven’t checked that out yet.

Is the aircraft node improvement based on how far in front of the plane the other planes are? If so, you could reduce that value a little more. Is that what the pause is about? If so, some tweening on start/stopping animation would make it much improved. :smiley:

Ah, now have some images to help illustrate… As expected the Oceanic is heading for the left most taxiway. I’d love that Qantas to go the same path too. Alas, they go different ones stopping arriving planes going up to the stands.

I think we’d need one way taxiways to solve that :stuck_out_tongue:

Not necessarily. As going up to the stands, they do follow each up on the same right most one :joy:

Might be something I’m afraid. Two others are having the same issue and they are on default branch.

What do you mean?

Other players had the stop at Mod loading screen as well.

Without mods? But you were able to solve yours and deduced it to being related to a mod you had loaded?

Edit: Checking the backlog we have no new reports for loading issues. I will really need a proper bug report with relevant saves included to be able to look at the issue. :slight_smile:

New players whom said it was a new install for both of them. PM sent as well.

Something is definitely up though. With no changes, my game load has stopped at the exact same spot.

I quit the game, and reloaded, this time it worked… :thinking:

There are no dumb questions, just dumb answers! :wink:
Pressing G should give you some insight to the most recent flights (I believe) if you haven’t checked that out yet

That just gives the flight status monitor for active/in airport flights. Is there a way to check for flights in the last 24 hours/day? Like a summary of flight numbers, scheduled and actual arrival and departure times

Is it a known bug that my staff can’t find a way out of the secure zone any more after I amended it? I am still a beginner, but the amendment did not cut them off without an exit in any way, as far as I am concerned. I just expanded my secure zone into a totally different sector and suddenly, at the other end of the airport, my boarding desk staff was locked in (so they said).

Saving and loading did help, btw.

Yeah, I get that all the time with this update. I have bug reported it though. You might want to do the same.

Save and reload works for me as well.

Ok, I will. Tbh, I am not sure what really caused this. I expanded the secure zone, but I also built three new security stations and the pathfinding issue came very short after that. Right now, there is a guy in the Steam board who has serious pathfinding problems after upgrading his security stations. So maybe, this could also be the reason.

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