Airport ceo Alpha 27.7.2

Hey there,
in the earlier Version it was possible to See the income right over the happened Thing (landing fees, park fees, fuel Sale) but now i only Can See it in the Budget overview. How Can i See all my Green income :wink:

Not sure what you mean, are you talking about the green numbers flying over ingame objects when they are making money?

Yap :slight_smile:

Iā€™m still seeing them, but they fade a little too fast semetimes to decently read them.

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Yes, you are right - is it possible to scale this like the mouse or zoom

In what situations do you not see it?

I see what you mean. The move a LOT faster now.

Perhaps due to all the optimisations the Devs have made :heart_eyes:


Hey @Olof,

when the fees are due. They move a lot faster now.

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