Airport CEO Alpha 27.6 released

Hey again everyone! :airplane:

The new UI has now finally made its way out to the default branch, hurray! Let’s keep the discussion going in this thread concerning broken functionality as usual.

Since the Steam announcement posts “only” support 32000 characters and this release has a total of 223(!) changes in it we had to post the full change log here.

Check it out and keep the discussion here! :slight_smile:

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“Current behavior causes a lot of splashing and dirt shoes, no one likes that.”

Best BUG comment ever :smiley:

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My game just encountered a load corruption, I put it on email.

Hmm, I don’t think I understand, what do you mean by a basic incident?

As for Alpha 27.6: We’re currently looking into an issue with contract generation that seems to affect a minor portion of players.

Sending in Bug Reports from in-game just failed twice.

Did you take a screenshot? Found a bug that might break the send if no screenshot is taken. Will fix now.

I did take a print-screen.

Also, the game is hanging on SAVING the game, could it be the bug reporter is timing out on uploading the savegame? Or even creating a savegame.

Game freezing while sending in a ingame bug report.


Current save game size.

On another note, if you quit to game menu, the memory usage of the game stays huge, whats the logic in this?

New game - same bug report error.

There’s a fix ready for that bug sending issue but we can’t deploy it today.

As for the contract issue, this happens when you start a new session from within the game. If you close the application and reload it your issues should be resolved.

We can’t deploy an update today since we’re celebrating ”Midsommar”. An update will come for both issues on either Sunday or Monday. We’ll keep you updated. :slight_smile:

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We can’t deploy an update today since we’re celebrating ”Midsommar”.

We can’t deploy an update today since we’re drinking all day because of “mid summer”.

Just saying, but Summer only started yesterday,but odd to start having thus huge national holiday to party that it’s “Mid” summer
:smiley: :smiley:


But Summer STARTED only on the 21st June??? :stuck_out_tongue: (in the Northern Hemisphere. NZ etc start Winter obviously)

I’m moving to Sweden, They get more holidays than I know…

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You cultural barbarians, Midsummar refers to it being the longest day in the year. Days stopped getting longer and start getting shoerter till winter again. it’s a big celebration in scandinavion countries as far as i know.


but the longest day was yesterday, 21st, not the 22nd

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Technically it can be the 22nd due to precession, but I do believe it was the 21st this year as we have both mentioned. :heart_eyes:

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@Fredrik and @Olof. Congrats, great to see Steam showing Workshop content now. Wonderful.

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Hi all

Great update, taking a lil while to get used to the new menu,

But anybody have issues the the underground belts not connecting the right way sometimes?

Can we please have a sticky button on some of the screens, like the arrivals and departure screens and also have it so it’s resizesble?

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Got the weird green glow on the runways again.

Runway displays the wrong length on the display. When you go to the upgrade menu and upgrade by 1 step it updates to the right size.

The green glow still keep going when upgrading to asphalt.

Still when opened.

Did you send in a bug report? Can’t see it in the backlog and we need to check the log file for that one.

A default branch hotfix is coming later today. We’re looking through all the reported bugs and are working on fixes. :slight_smile:

I cannot send a bug report, I get the red screen all the time, remember :wink: .

I did send an email with the corrupt save that was created the last time this happened.

Good news, the current save game did load perfectly, and the green haze is gone.

Still red flash ;).