Airport CEO Alpha 27.5 released


It’s time for the weekend and that means another ACEO version deployment. This version features a few important fixes ranging from bug fixes to an all new zone merger system that noticeably increases rendering performance when zone layers are enabled, lowers the time it takes to load zone objects and reduces to zone save file with on average well over 1000 percent (lol)…

… but perhaps most importantly, we’ve implemented an in-game bug reporting tool!

In-Game Bug Reporting Tool

For quite some time now we’ve been more or less impacted by poor report quality. This is not the player’s fault, as the current process for providing a report that is considered of good quality, i.e. with log file, screenshots and save game attached, if very tiresome. To mitigate this issue we’ve now implemented an in-game bug reporting tool that does this for you!

You fill in the relevant fields with relevant data, and as you press submit we grab your hardware specs (your specifications, game version and operating system as well as screen size and battery level), take a snap shot of the save, grab the log file and, if you haven’t already included one, capture a screenshot and then send it off to our Jira instance.

This is what it looks like when it enters our system:

This should hopefully not only make it alot easier for you to report bugs but also vastly improve their quality as we’ll always be guaranteed to have the file we require to properly debug the issue.

What if the bug reporting panel is bugged?

Meta! The online portal will still, and always, be open for bug submissions - at least for the foreseeable future.

Here are the change-logs for Alpha 27.5. Next week we’ll only focus 100 percent on critical and high bug solving as we’re targeting next week for default deployment for Alpha 27.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.5-0


  • [ACEO-4222] - Sightly increase night ambiance lightning
  • [ACEO-4224] - Improve zone rendering performance
  • [ACEO-4237] - Implement smart zone merger system to reduce load time and zone save file size


  • [ACEO-3493] - Refueling of GA very slow
  • [ACEO-4107] - Incorrect process exiting of information desk interaction causes passengers stuck in a waiting loop
  • [ACEO-4110] - Employee reset action invoked by object pooler can cause NullReferenceException to be thrown upon deserialization
  • [ACEO-4138] - FPS drop after closing staff panel
  • [ACEO-4241] - Mouse scroll doesn't always zoom in and out
  • [ACEO-4275] - Environment terrain objects temporarily shine up during night
  • [ACEO-4276] - Stones get deserialized as trees
  • [ACEO-4277] - Job task workforce containers do not get destroyed correctly causing duplicate staff or vechicle type entries

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4225] - Implement in-game bug reporting panel

Great news!!! :smiley:

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New bug reporting feature sounds excellent. Well apart from all the extra reports you’ll now probably get :grin:


Thanks guys! And congrats on the bug reporting system!! The more feedback the better and this will probably take away a hurdle for some people to file bugs as well.

Enjoy the weekend! :sunglasses:

Oh, I’m missing some important icons… I just clicked the contracts icon on the right side.

On a good note, if you select another option, then go back to it, they appear :smiley:

In-Game Bug Reporting Tool


Oh that’s been used (abused) some would say :heart_eyes:

Be careful it does not wipe your report from it though. Had that happen a few times and a rewrite (hash) ensured.

Would there be a possibility of shortening the queues for the boarding desks?

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You are not alone in asking that. They used to be… Would be good agree and I know I’m not the only one.

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Personally I’d prefer that you can build queues for boarding desks like how you do for check in and security.

I think there should be an option for both, making the queues wpuld be tedious for larger airports.

there is a feature request for independent queues

Had the following in this version;

Upgrading a runway crosses over non-build, but pre-ordered taxiway. No idea of bug id, ingame bug tracker ID was gone soonish.

Seems the staff room select box has been fixed decently!

Why is it not possible to TAB through the BUG report form?

Why cant we center on expired contract notices?

How about this one?

Bugreport send in.

The normal Demolisher, sometimes suddenly is a terminal demolisher, anyone else had that? Bug report send in.

The airport zoning is sometimes suddenly enabled by the engine itself, no idea what triggers it.

You just got a bug report about weird path-finding behavior, ignore that one, I just realized the “cant seat in secure zone, after game loading”-bug is still not fixed.

A lot of bug reports coming in and they all have saves and logs, just brilliant. The screenshots do break at certain points but we’ll look into that later, they are seldom critical.

We’ll be pushing an update with bug fixes each days this week with the purpose of, as I’ve said earlier, to deploy to the default branch this week. This update should take care of the construction issues, we’ll continue to patch critical issues such as passenger seating tomorrow.

Here’s the changelog for Alpha 27.5-1:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.5-1


  • [ACEO-4335] - Add investigate (locate) button to passenger and employee UI panels


  • [ACEO-3474] - De-zoning a secure area does not properly update and can cause persons to get confused and stuck
  • [ACEO-4080] - Right CTRL doesn't work when setting deploy/dismiss contractor number
  • [ACEO-4121] - FPS drop when rendering large amounts of delivery boxes during night time
  • [ACEO-4186] - Right click highlighted panel covers small objects making coloring difficult
  • [ACEO-4323] - Security zone overlay randomly switching on
  • [ACEO-4329] - Missing construction material can cause contractors to get stuck in a loop where no construction is completed
  • [ACEO-4333] - Incorrect construction material caching value causes construction material delivery to halt
  • [ACEO-4337] - Error being thrown if building zone too close to lower edge of world
  • [ACEO-4342] - Null reference exception can sometimes be thrown when a passenger unoccupy a node

I did not check the update yet but it seems that pathfinding is getting worse now.
When you expand your airport passengers go wait for their planes in the most remote corners of the airport. I don’t know if it’s something wrong i do, but since alpha 27 i have this issue and all my flights are delayed

We’ve made no changes to the pathfinding algorithms in Alpha 27. There is a known bug of passengers claiming seats far away but this will get patched tomorrow.

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Did you confirm that staff are not using staff rooms and PAX not using bathrooms etc? I did send through a few bug reports as well.

I have also reported staff not using staff rooms :slight_smile:

We are looking into the staff room bug reports. Will deploy once we have a fix. :slight_smile: