Airport CEO Alpha 26.2 released

Hi there! :slight_smile:

Releasing Alpha 26.2, which is a smaller patch with some bug fixes and minor improvements. After this we will merge the new UI-project branch with the main project. Then all effort will be on finalizing UI with a freelancer and do the final testing on the Steam Workshop integration so it might go a few days before the next update comes. Enjoy!

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 26.2


  • [ACEO-3789] - Security is now enabled by default in the operations panel when starting a new world
  • [ACEO-3884] - Add option in debug panel to reset stuck och stranded persons (the person must first be selected)
  • [ACEO-3899] - Minor scripting performance improvement


  • [ACEO-3811] - Person photo skin and hair color does not match the top down head
  • [ACEO-3812] - Unfinished strategy director description
  • [ACEO-3866] - Minor typo in tutorial text
  • [ACEO-3880] - B757 can cause ramp agents to get stuck on taxiway
  • [ACEO-3893] - Medium stand not connecting to security when wall is built close to jetway