Airport CEO Alpha 25.4 released


Will update this post with more text later tonight or tomorrow, but we updated the experimental branch for the weekend and it contains a bunch of fixes. Check them out! :slight_smile:

This updated does not yet contain the new path finding system. It will go out for internal testing next week and hopefully, by the end of it, make it out to the experimental branch by the end of it. Figures are still very, very promising! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 25.4


  • [ACEO-3583] - Enhance object pool validation method for minor performance improvements
  • [ACEO-3587] - Improve object pool scaling logic to enhance performance and memory allocation
  • [ACEO-3600] - Temporarily increase font size of certain panels to accommodate some Retina users


  • [ACEO-2352] - Building small door in paused mode causes sprite to be incorrectly rotated
  • [ACEO-3270] - Trying to CTRL delete active taxiway nodes does not give a warning
  • [ACEO-3496] - Vehicles claiming to be in a vehicle depot when they are actually not can cause stuck vehicles
  • [ACEO-3507] - Aircraft cannot find holding point if stuck outside map
  • [ACEO-3553] - Clicking luggage causes loss of left-click functionality for remainder of game session
  • [ACEO-3554] - Error on delivery site missing when game is paused
  • [ACEO-3556] - Left clicking function can occasionally stop working
  • [ACEO-3564] - Delivery object null check causes aviation fuel supply trucks to not correctly execute deliveries
  • [ACEO-3565] - Light poles can be placed outside world
  • [ACEO-3576] - Null reference thrown when deserializing aircraft causes loading process to abort rendering staff and vehicles not to spawn correctly
  • [ACEO-3578] - Skip night feature flights scheduled early mornings can cause passengers to miss their check-in as vehicle spawning and movement is blocked
  • [ACEO-3582] - Push back truck waiting loop with lacking cancellation check may in some very rare instances cause it to stuck
  • [ACEO-3588] - Legacy code for speech bubble displayment causes over-allocation and over-pooling of speech bubbles

New Feature

  • [ACEO-3579] - Havana airline added
  • [ACEO-3595] - Implement Subway Entrance
  • [ACEO-3597] - Added FPS bound camera speed
  • [ACEO-3598] - Data structure performance improvements
  • [ACEO-3599] - Nearest city and country is now shown in new game location setup

[ACEO-359514] - Implement Subway Entrance I wonder?!


Vehicles claiming to be in a vehicle depot when they are actually not can cause stuck vehicles

Winner of the day :smiley:

Check out their twitter for a gif!

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Oh, that is nice. The Subway!

At night it could use some “self” lighting on its stairs.

My incoming PAX seem to have some path-finding issues. It solved over time.

The path-finding problem is consistent when new PAX / staff arrive; You have successfully created the issue (ACEO-3601)


Sidenote; my ever cycling oil truck is gone ;). Did not notice at first, to busy building a metro entrance.


Yep just saw it in-game it just updated!

OK, might have found two bugs, can anyone confirm?

  1. No new Franchise staff arives, once the existing staff finishes their shift.

  2. After dismissing all Constructors, they move to the Constructors’ drop off site, unite in exactly one place and they don’t seem to leave => Yellow busses trying to pick them up, but still no one leaving.

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same problem here

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can confirm the franchise staff issue, same here :slight_smile:

Those guys should see a doctor they legs are really strange :joy: plus there are those kind of black circle under every person


as you can see from the pictures people came out the subway even thought it is not built and they got stuck even when the station is built and there are ways for them to get to the terminal… it happen also at boarding desk and when passengers came out the security exit


Confirmed with subway pax, arriving pax get stuck.

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No issues with the Subway (excellent FYI) but still issues with left clicking. Currently cannot delete anything.

Okay, the left click is after I’ve selected a baggage bay. Stops the left click from then working. Save and reload sorts it :slight_smile:

Alas, sound settings don’t seem to get saved.

Additional, I know I’m being thick again, but what is stopping me putting a single flight here… and don’t say the flight overlaps another day, at it’s just a single flight I’m trying to put into that slot and the following day has no flights in that space either. The only other thing I can think of is lack of check in desks?

I tell you why @Rubble , You set free time between flights to 70 minutes. Automatically you cannot place previous flights 70 or less minutes before that.

Hi @EG0611 Even without the auto switched on??? That does not seem right? But if so, okay. I’m mid game so will give it a try.

Thank you bud.

PS Still working on liveries for us all. Just mega busy.

PPS OMG you are right. Thank you so much. But that’s crazy too.
PPPS Should the warning message be something different then??? I just took it as something over days, not hours.


Well it is a small bug that I reported before. Normally time divider needs to work for only autoschedule but somehow it works on both; auto and manual.

It is sometimes annoying. Especially when you can’t fill 4 th flights due to 5 minutes :angry:


Most excellent bug reporting my friend.

And my thanks again for helping me on that.

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I logged in after update and baggage was suddenly enabled, turned it back on but ramp agents don’t go to baggage bay. Anyone else having the same issue? Baggage bay was working fine before update.

The black circle under passengers is to represent their shadow ^^


Confirmed with subway pax/staff get stuck

Noticed few issues

  1. Ramp Agents don’t work the Baggage Bay
  2. You can’t disconnect gets from boarding desks
  3. Light PAX planes seem to be invisible
  4. Left click doesn’t work after clicking on Baggage Bay
    Haven’t seen anymore atm
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