Airport CEO Alpha 25.3 released

Finally, 25.3 has made it out to you on the experimental branch!

Discussion continues from the last version. We’re primarily looking to hear if you’re experiencing any improved performance or if you experience any stuck vehicles. This is a pretty massive change so we do expect a few new bugs! As usual, we’ll listen to your feedback and provide hot fixes.

Please note that this update does NOT contain the new path finding system as we’re looking to deploy that, hopefully, next week.

Here are the change logs:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 25.3


  • [ACEO-2658] - Vehicles in road queues should adjust to speed of ahead vehicle to mitigate gas and break effect
  • [ACEO-3151] - Improve performance when manipulating object by improving data structures
  • [ACEO-3402] - Improve object dependency exception handling for vehicles
  • [ACEO-3513] - Game object transform consolidation to enhance performance when simulating movement of large amounts of persons
  • [ACEO-3515] - Streamline agent movement simulation system to reduce performance impact
  • [ACEO-3516] - Issue with updating walk toggle animation causes performance impact
  • [ACEO-3517] - Slight person game object appearance redeisgn
  • [ACEO-3518] - Improved person animations
  • [ACEO-3521] - Added option (in graphics setting) to disable tree animation to improve performance
  • [ACEO-3522] - Added faster data structures for various system to improve general performance


  • [ACEO-3310] - Rare issue with stuck service truck caused by dead lock when trying to offload non-hauled baggage
  • [ACEO-3512] - Issue with person movement system yielding causing a high performance impact
  • [ACEO-3514] - Improper way of handling agent parent transform in relation to simulation causes rendering performance issues

When will this be available on Steam? when I launch ACEO (experimental), I still get 25.2-2. I’ve restarted Steam, as Admin.

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Restart Steam. :slight_smile:

Okay so here are what I found so far. This is an old save from previous experimental branches and ACEOMM was used.

New bus baggage doors: Nice.


Bug: Heads of characters are going further than body.


Massive FPS drops around airport. 1920X1080 Fullscreen “Simple” settings. I literally get the same FPS I don’t know it is good or bad.


Massive FPS drops around airport. 1920X1080 Fullscreen “Fantastic” settings.


Character animations issues: (on the gif look at baggages in hand closely)


And these eyes… They are creepy and I feel strange by seeing them. I personally want previous characters without eyes.


I can’t click anything.

Vehicles are now not colliding with other vehicles on road but there is an issue with baggage carts. It is very hard to re-create and record. Previous vehicle doesn’t recognize in front baggage carts empty carts (no matter completely unloaded or half loaded) and go through them. Once previous vehicle gets close to filled baggage cart, it slows down.

Other than these I don2t see an issue. game works fine and no CTD. I will also report these issues via bug reporting.


I have restarted Steam, as Administrator, about 10 times since reading this post. I restarted after reading your post above. No joy.

Hmmm, Mac user here, I can confirm it’s been deployed here. Currently building a new design.

It has updated on my steam.

I was trying to build 2 bathrooms and the rooms isn’t getting built, when clicking on them a room does not come up

Did you really shut it down or just closed the window? Usually Steam will still run in background.

I have the same issue with the new build! My bathrooms do not complete

Looking into it now.

Don’t loose your head… :wink:

Or is it an out of body experience? :rofl:


Also my passenger ratio has reset itself to 78% from 100% when reloading my save as it no longer seems to serialised

Yes, just looked, got the same result.

Not only did I shut Steam down (Exit). I rebooted my computer. Then restarted Steam and ACEO. Still 25.2-2
And, yes, in the Steam ACEO properties, I’ve set BETA access.

I’ve received all other updates. I don’t know what’s happening here.

maybe rejoin the experimental branch on steam?

Solution: Uninstalled ACEO. Reinstalled ACEO. Now, I have 25.3, so I can enjoy the latest round of bugs. LOL

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Exactly the same problem, not on all passengers, but on many.

I also want to say that performance has improved a bit in my opinion. When you zoom in I have ~30FPS and zoomed out ~15FPS. Both is a ~5-10FPS better than in the last version


Got the same result when building a baggage bay too.


The FPS did improve. But the bugs mentioned above are present.

Could you elaborate a bit on this? What are the stats of this airport?

We’re deploying 25.3-1 in a few minutes, will fix room building issues and most animation issues.