Airport CEO Alpha 25.1 released

Alpha 25 has made it out on the default branch and it was about time. Yes, there is still a number of issues to deal with and we will now, as mentioned in the 100th devlog really focus on quality, nailing down that improved UI, getting better performance and getting rid of the classic 'ole bugs. As you can see, we are already gazing forward at Alpha 26.

The patch notes are available on Steam but I will include them for you below as well. Please not that they cover the entire release track from Alpha 24 to Alpha 25! :slight_smile:

Expect hot fixes to be deployed to default branch tomorrow.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 25.0


  • [ACEO-2986] - Implement new airport information screens
  • [ACEO-2997] - Additional save logging implemented
  • [ACEO-3020] - Implement responsive UI (Main menu)
  • [ACEO-3024] - Implement responsive UI (In-game panels)
  • [ACEO-3033] - List contracts vertically instead of using grid
  • [ACEO-3119] - Implement master contract system for airlines
  • [ACEO-3142] - Passenger per flight ratio modifier added
  • [ACEO-3144] - Improve airport database import and processing (reduce overall loading time by 7 seconds)
  • [ACEO-3165] - Minor adjustments to new contract system
  • [ACEO-3194] - Minor Unicode character airport fixes
  • [ACEO-3219] - Stand upgrade cost balanced
  • [ACEO-3231] - Vsync can now be toggled in the graphics settings (in game)
  • [ACEO-3233] - Path finding improvements to increase calculation speed
  • [ACEO-3234] - Improve game controls including camera movement, smoothness and zoom speed
  • [ACEO-3235] - Changes to camera controls to adapt for FPS non capped by Vsync (experimental)
  • [ACEO-3236] - Implement Structures Pack 1
  • [ACEO-3285] - Flight separation increased to 2 hours
  • [ACEO-3313] - Implement improved secure area exit item graphics
  • [ACEO-3314] - Implement improved conveyor belt system scanners graphics


  • [ACEO-24] - Broken Unicode airport database file has been fixed
  • [ACEO-2549] - Boarding can close if check in gets delayed, values for check in job tasks have been tweaked.
  • [ACEO-2630] - Unable to build roads on section where foundation where previously deleted
  • [ACEO-2780] - Giant ramp agent dummy displayed when scrolling vehicle depot list
  • [ACEO-2901] - Aircraft stuck on demolished stand
  • [ACEO-2928] - Crown Airlines description typo error
  • [ACEO-2932] - Objects do not update correctly with broken visualization effect
  • [ACEO-2934] - Memory leak issue causes noticeably lowered FPS after 15 to 20 minutes of regular game play
  • [ACEO-2969] - Ramp agents leave baggage behind at stands or cargo bays
  • [ACEO-2972] - Spelling error in glossary
  • [ACEO-2974] - Contract can not be clicked on and new contracts not being generated
  • [ACEO-2983] - Contract generated for medium flight despite having no medium stands
  • [ACEO-2988] - Incorrect pricing for stand in build menu
  • [ACEO-2995] - Service truck deserializing with missing baggage cart causes ramp agent bag transfer deadlock and unlimited amounts of bags unloaded
  • [ACEO-2996] - Saving does not warn if trying to overwrite existing save
  • [ACEO-2999] - CEO panel map not loaded correctly
  • [ACEO-3003] - Incorrect nbr of flights in contract description
  • [ACEO-3051] - Flight route bug with several airports being located to south Sudan
  • [ACEO-3066] - Multiple minor null reference issues
  • [ACEO-3067] - Fuel depot gets filled with fuel even though structure is not built
  • [ACEO-3072] - Some panels not visisble in 21:9 screen aspects
  • [ACEO-3074] - Contract completion notification contains incorrect spelling
  • [ACEO-3103] - Double serializing of flights leading to large gamedata file
  • [ACEO-3105] - No notification if pushback truck does not exists.
  • [ACEO-3110] - Can't delete unbuilt boarding desk
  • [ACEO-3121] - Adjust associated tutorial parts relying on the old airline contract system to the new airline contract system
  • [ACEO-3122] - Flight information buttons sometimes not visible and going off screen.
  • [ACEO-3143] - Staff icon does not show on security station when activated but lacks staff
  • [ACEO-3149] - Fees and salaries panel not visible
  • [ACEO-3158] - Toggle flight planner button does not work
  • [ACEO-3164] - Underground belt placement gives error
  • [ACEO-3167] - Minor nullreference fixes in relation to person transform children pooling
  • [ACEO-3170] - Forgotten tool tip on reschedule button of flight information display
  • [ACEO-3177] - Requirements panel in flight planner broken
  • [ACEO-3178] - Master contracts with allocated flights are un-cancelleable
  • [ACEO-3186] - Boarding times sometimes displayed incorrect
  • [ACEO-3187] - Aircraft are visible in world before landing.
  • [ACEO-3191] - Crash on auto schedule
  • [ACEO-3215] - Medium security checkpoint not marked correctly in requirements panel
  • [ACEO-3217] - Lower resolutions cause the flight planner to ignore certain time spots
  • [ACEO-3232] - Auto-scheduler crashing when having many unallocated flights
  • [ACEO-3250] - Incorrect serialized value caused check in to close early
  • [ACEO-3275] - Aircraft can on rare occasions get stuck on stand waiting for a refuel that has not been ordered
  • [ACEO-3281] - Integer truncation in path finding system causes randomly stuck persons
  • [ACEO-3283] - Invalid characters can be input in save name, causing corrupt save
  • [ACEO-3286] - Null reference thrown on method for getting job task type causing additional UI problems
  • [ACEO-3289] - Null reference thrown on rare occasions when passenger leaves bathroom
  • [ACEO-3290] - Livery assignment bug if mod has been deleted causes broken serialization issue
  • [ACEO-3296] - Minor corrections in airport data file
  • [ACEO-3297] - Baggage carts can randomly become incorrectly lit during nights
  • [ACEO-3299] - Adjusted values in auto planner and flight generation to prevent short freezes every 10-15 seconds
  • [ACEO-3300] - Placement assistant grid does not move when paused
  • [ACEO-3307] - Player is given penalty for night flights even when night flights is unlocked
  • [ACEO-3319] - Incorrect flight number in vehicle job task panel
  • [ACEO-3362] - Incorrect time format on some places in the UI

New Feature

  • [ACEO-3120] - Implement auto scheduler for flights
  • [ACEO-3284] - Add large ATCT tower
  • [ACEO-3291] - Implement option to unlock night flights
  • [ACEO-3315] - Add sesnitivity sliders for controlling camera movement speed and camera scroll speed
  • [ACEO-3316] - Add ability to drag camera using middle mouse button

WOW that awesome.

Still get fined for flights at nighttime.

This update seemed to have broken the fix for night flight… before this last update I was not fined for night flight, but now I am.

I have COO CIO and night flights Procurement unlocked.

Fixed now, small line of code was missing. Expect a hotfix during the day. :slight_smile:

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In the windowed mode, the game is only in 720x480 resolution!
How shoud I understand this?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Before this update, I played 1280.

In full screen mode, the game is constantly stretched vertically.
Apparently the game is not able to operate normally with the 4: 3 screen.

Can you provide a few screenshots of the situation?

Edit: The window can be resized to fit your needs, the UI should scale accordingly. Would require a bug report with screens and information on the exact resolutions and aspect ratios you’re running! :slight_smile:

Window mode:

Full screen mode:

On a 4:3 monitor in full-screen mode, the image periodically stretches itself from the widescreen mode (black bars at the top and bottom) to the screen size of the monitor (4:3).
Does not always appear. Happens after a while playing.

It occurs when you maximize the windowed mode? And you’re on Alpha 25? I’d really need to see some screens from when it actually occurs, the screens you sent now are expected behavior and you should be able to resize the ACEO window as you please.

  • Yes, I’m on Alpha 25.
  • I checked that the window really stretches and takes the necessary permission.
    But why in the configuration is displayed only 720x480 I did not understand.

Thanks for answers. Perhaps a video card driver error.
Just in case, once again i updated them.

I would like the text in the game was a little larger.
At a resolution of 1280x1024 it is very shallow. The text merges.

Windows has a list somewhere with default load “frames” that are loaded in lists like these. I think you could add them manually. I cant remember its name, so I have no idea how to google it.

Found a question by someone asking it for VMware window, maybe it helps you too. It explains how to add “extra” dimension parameters to the register to have in your choice list.

Here someone is approaching this based on monitor ID in register.

Both of those seem be combined over here.

At tom’s hardware the same question is answered as above, but someone also suggests it can be driver related.

[ACEO-33161] - Add ability to drag camera using middle mouse button

First of all, thank you so much for including this option.
However, can I make a suggestion:

At the moment, its seems to be using some form of accelerated motion, in fact, this very same thing has been used in other games but is usually accompanied by a cursor so you can find the central position again. It’s quite hard to control without and it gets messy and confusing quickly, with no reference point for the centre to speed up / slow it down, it ends up going off at varying speeds and becoming uncontrollable.

But, on that note, I think it would be far better / easier to use and not require any additional cursor if you just made it non-accelerated and more like a normal click and drag. i.e, with your mouse over the top of say your ATC, you hold middle mouse, move the mouse to what would be the right side of the screen, when you release, your ATC is still under your mouse cursor but on the right hand side of the screen.

P.S. In games like Prison Architect, where they do exactly this, the middle mouse button can still be used to rotate objects as well, its not one or the other. It would be good to see that too :wink:

Just my 2c.

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Even in version 25.0.0 still the same f*** annoying issue with check in and boarding…
12 stands whereoff at least 4 dont have been checked in… showing baggage service not requested…
I have staff enough but seems to be all donkyheads

Can you post a layout?

Not gonna lie. Seeing those 3D objects - btw, awesome job @Jettuh :slight_smile: - the idea of having AirportCEO 3D is getting me oddly excited. They really look asthetically pleasing in a way that I would like to zoom in onto groundlevel and enjoy having them drive around my airport. :joy: But I warn you I would be super disappointed if the planes wouldn’t be 100% perfect… :flushed:

Anyways, love where ACEO is heading and the superfast quality-progress. Sadly, I don’t have so much time recently to be up-to-date with everything… :frowning: Also… man… it has been a while… Since devlog 10 or 12 I am following and haven’t missed any devlog. Time flies. :airplane:


So right in the hall I have 12 pairs of check in desks. But for some reason for a couple of flights check in doesn’t start in time and all passengers leave again…

Can you add another with zonee and baggage belt shown?

Are they always the same stand or same checkin desk?

Haven’t seen you in a while, good to see you’re still with us :slight_smile:


yeah it’s most of the time same stand and check in desk row. shouldn’t be problem with baggage belt connection. worked fine the first days of using 12 gates.
actually an issue since increasing the slider…maybe 12 pairs for 12 gates with slider at maximum isn’t sufficient