Airport CEO Alpha 24.3 released

Will do , haha didn’t think the solution would be that simple ^^

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I’m still crashing on the auto-scheduler

First, let me just say the performance is AWESOME! Well done dev team.

I ran for 2 days at 3-speed with 5 gates operating and it wasn’t until late in the second day that I had the age-old problem where planes do touch-and-goes instead of landing.

The performance was so good that I added 3 more gates. I wasn’t ready to open them yet because I hadn’t finished baggage handling. But lo and behold, planes started using the gates, even though they were closed.

Pic 1: No flights are scheduled for gates B-01 through -03.
Pic 2: Jet approaches closed gate B-02 (-01 and -03 were also closed)
Pic 3: shows the planes parked but the boarding desks are closed.

Bug Reported: ACEO-3206

Haha, awesome, planes using closed gates.

What I also dont like; staff wanting to reach closed objects; I do not want them to reach this object at this moment, since the terminal is not done. So, why this annoying message? And on the topic of baggage; can you make it so that we can put TILT TRAYS and “baggage scanners” on belts like we can place DOORS on walls?

And my ramp agents want a resting room I think; closed staff room (banks placed seconds before screenshot), haha.

On baggage;

  • Can we get a setting on tilt trays that does this; “flow in direction, abriaviate when direction is queued”, so you can load balance baggage streams, thx.

  • Please create a reverse button on cargo scanners for the “flow” direction.

  • For “cargo scanner II”, let us build 5 and have a select box on them like tilt-trays to set a specific program on them, thx.

  • The “pre-placement-picture” of the “drugs” station has the wrong station pre-shown.

  • Why cant you disable a “cargo scanner III”?

Staff rooms;

  • Can we get a MAX number of staff setting for staff rooms, I have a 40 benches one that is empty and a 10 benches one that is overfilled with staff.
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You fixed baggage speed. The tilt trays can now handle the traffic without creating a bottleneck.


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Wait, wait, wait. Before I freak out, are all what I assumed where ‘sprites’ like this and does this mean it is eventually (after years of development when the game is finished but the developers want to continue a bit more) possible that the game will go 3D? :smiley:

Love the game and love the top-down view so I’m fine with it staying 2D but the option of it ever going 3D sounds cool and interesting


Oh… I have the first experience with all staff and vehicles dissapearing in a game, omg, this is weird. Even all board members are gone. And now while hireing 300 people again, I broke the “shift” role menu :smiley:. The cerosine terminals are also complaining about the influxx of empty vehicles.

The result when trying to get contracters; seems I will have to revert to game from like a few hours back :frowning:

Airport CEO_2018-01-16_15-36-14

Did you try to cancel the contract and accept it again?

Den som lever får se… :wink:

Something broken when you loaded the game. Have you filed a bug report and included the save which lacks employees? Would love to look at it! :slight_smile:


Yes, lets get olaf a bug report.

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You have successfully created the issue (ACEO-3207), however you do not have the permission to view the created issue. < 3 safe game, printscreens, 2 output files, good luck.

Confirmed here as well, I got smalll stands at the left side of my airport which have never been opened, but now I notice that my small commercial flights are using them and then getting stuck…

Do you expect Elsa and Anna to fix it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, who’s this Elsa and Anna? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Olof pls implement “closed” build security stations and checkin-desks, it is so annoying when you have to close loads and loads of them when you are building an extension on your airport while you do not want to staff them yet.

Let it goooo let it goooo xD

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Ok, I just did an load from an Autosave to see what would happen; All staff and vehicles are gone!

Seems the autosave is broken. @Olof

good evening. Have you seen my message? No flights

I am guessing that is some sort of smart remark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I really don’t care who fixes it as long as it is addressed, at the moment it is basically breaking my game.

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Olaf is a cartoon character. The developer is called Olof :stuck_out_tongue: