Airport CEO Alpha 24.1-1 released

Woho! Alpha 24.0 has made it to the default branch.

Complete patch note list here:

Let’s keep the bug discussion going here for traceability! Expect hotfixes! :sunglasses:

Update! Alpha 24.1-1 released!

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 24.1


  • [ACEO-2986] - Implement new airport information screens


  • [ACEO-2630] - Unable to build roads on section where foundation where previously deleted
  • [ACEO-2928] - Crown Airlines description typo error
  • [ACEO-2972] - Spelling error in glossary
  • [ACEO-2974] - Contract can not be clicked on and new contracts not being generated
  • [ACEO-2983] - Contract generated for medium flight despite having no medium stands
  • [ACEO-2988] - Incorrect pricing for stand in build menu

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 24.1-1


  • [ACEO-2997] - Additional save logging implemented


  • [ACEO-2996] - Saving does not warn if trying to overwrite existing save
  • [ACEO-2999] - CEO panel map not loaded correctly
  • [ACEO-3003] - Incorrect number of flights in contract description
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v24.0 [exp]

  • better performance (but still inadequate, I consent 10fps :frowning:
  • better PAX distrubution to security queues
  • still, fuel trucks don’t refuel aircrafts at stands, only waiting by side at stands
  • sometimes can’t click airline contract’s “Accept” buttons
  • after some time of playing (30-60 minutes), info window’s details (stands, baggage bays, shops etc) are gone. they are empty of buttons etc.

@Olof Interesting to read about the new contract system. Sounds like you’ve looked at it from all angles.

Now the $64,000… :wink:

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There are still some Runway overshoots.

I’m probably just being an idiot, but where does it detail the new contact system?

Dev Log 97 :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Wait, what? Is there a DevLog 97 yet? Or am I being an idiot again? Out did you mean 96?

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Will post a thread about the new devlog now, was about to do it but then the alarm at the office went off and we had to evacuate, lol.


Stripe Air and Air Strada have question mark as branding both in contracts menu as well as in flight planner…intended feature?

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Actually intended, new contract system is getting prepared to be put in place which means some legacy is expected. Those question marks should flush them selves out after awhile.

I hope everything was okay?

Oh yes, sorry, I unintentionally exaggerated it a bit, it was the signal before the alarm was enabled so that we wouldn’t trigger it… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, good! I almost thought the PC’s got fried trying to run some of the larger airports! :wink:

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With legacy you mean I did those contracts before update so after fulfillment they will sport a new logo for those airlines? This I understand.

You are still going to put the aircraft Beechcraft Baron G58 on the next update?

I really like the new contract system. Its exactly what I wanted to have. You really followed the discussion on the forum and took out the best ideas. You did a great job in the last weeks! When can I expect the new system to be implemented? And enjoy your holidays!

Just wondering how many medium gates everyone has in there airports

Contracts seem to have something wrong with them

I signed 3 contracts, the last one (in picture) signed fine, but then did not appear in the flight planner…
When I went back to the contracts page ALL contracts of that airline were signed…
I then did a exit and reload, when I got back in the game ALL contracts of airlines could NOT be clicked on at all…

after some time of playing (30-60 minutes), info window’s details (stands, baggage bays, shops etc) are gone. they are empty of buttons etc.

Did you try to scroll up with your mouse?