Airport CEO Alpha 0.22.0 released

Zzzzzzz… no, it’s actually still evening, at least according to ACEO time. Maybe we need our own timezone? 23:30 evening (ACEO).

There you go!


Great!! can’t wait to try.


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Woo, thanks for the quick update!

Still singe flights, no change at all, and I am on 0.22

They are there. The icon in the contract is different but for sure they are there.

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They come in the shape of new contracts. You’ll see it with the new symbol as mentioned.

My janitors and many Pax are at a complete stand still. Won’t budge.

My ramp agents and janitors also sitting around. 1 is working in a bay, a few on stands, but mostly just standing around doing nothing.


Also unable to sign contracts with shops and restaurants now even though I have the minimum requirements met, in some cases easily.

We do our best to preserve save integrity but it sounds like you save is not very compliant with 0.22.0. We’ve ran several tests on various airports which have been submitted through the bug reports and have not experienced any of these issues so it sounds quite strange indeed. You are of course welcome to file bug reports including that save so we can have a better look at it.

Good job on that update! Can’t wait for the next dev blog to see what’s coming up, and to hear a little bit more on what’s been done and what still can be done to improve perfomance, I’ve only been able to get around 600-700 passengers fornow, and the fps were already nearly unplayable (fortunately they recover again at night to plan and build).

Is it just me? I have at least 2 airports which previously redirected baggage via the scanners and let some go round normally. Then some baggage that were sent to the poofer as well as the redirected stuff if it triggerered the sensor. Now everything just goes round with no baggage getting triggered, redirected to the individual sensors or the poofer since this new update.

As with all updates… unintended consequences. I really enjoy this game!

1 - Multi-day contracts - They’re great to not have to schedule as often, but exchanging a single slot multi-day contract for 10-15 slot single day contracts that we can renew is a recipe for bankruptcy. It’s not possible to make enough money with 8 flights in a day and no more available contracts. - This one is probably pretty big. If you were to add back in the 10-14 flights and make all of the flights we schedule as multi-day, it’d solve this problem. Until then, this might be a game breaker.

2 - Thank you for dropping the cost of the repairs on the stands. Still waiting for A380s.

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Yup. The update denied me from saving my totally broken airport anyway. Oh well. It’s an alpha software. However, it was broken because I had not built toilets in the area zoned for bathrooms… It wasn’t so much a line as it was a mob. I know now to never change the taxiways while their is any plane that needs to go somewhere… totally breaks the game if the plane loses it’s pathing. Perhaps an “if” statement in there that if a plane loses it’s pathing, it recalculates a new one?

Alright, work day is over, let’s check out 0.22.0 :smiley:

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i am having problems with the fuel part i did it excactly how it says to do it but the game says i havn’t done it. otherwise ITS AN AMAZING UPDATE :slight_smile:!

Which part does it say you haven’t done?

The “build fuel services” part, it says that i didnt do: "Build service road and connect from vehicle checkpoint to stands

There are large numbers of passengers and workers who now just stand around for a long period of time before going on with their tasks. Passengers are doing the clump thing at the exit to security for a long while then moving on. Passengers get off the plane and pile up by the boarding desks. Luggage seems to stall despite open sections ahead. Passengers wait ages before getting their bags. Ramp agents sit and look at baggage trucks full of bags before deciding that perhaps they need to go on the plane right next to them, or look at empty ones for a while before thinking maybe the ones on the plane need to come off.

All of these issues are new to my game since the patch.