Airport CEO Alpha 0.21.5 released

Work continues.

:airplane: :airplane: :airplane: :airplane: :airplane: :airplane:


You guys are pumping out patches at an incredible rate!


Meh they slowed down. While on closed alpha tests they publish 200+ bug fixes under 24 hours :wink: Probably they are using most of their times to count their profit :smiley:


Gotta remember that we only found all the obvious bugs :stuck_out_tongue: It stands to reason that they would’ve fixed all the easy to fix bugs by now and therefore are only left with the bugs that take a while

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The Game is fantastic. Ok, Some Problems - but Come on. Really awesome!
Our workers working in shifts, make a shift schedule make sense? So we have a overview. What do u think?

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Really impressed with the level of updates being released to fix bugs.

Enjoying my first build, learning as I go. I think the one thing for me, and this will be done in the future, is the lack of items at the moment. Totally understand these will be added so maybe a null point!

Will keep playing and reporting back. (This game has stopped me playing Fifa 18 which came out today)

They deserve every penny after two years of work :slight_smile: