Airport CEO 2


First of all I would like to say a massive well done for achieving such a big milestone in getting Airport CEO 2 to release, but now I believe it is time for a second addition.

This would be a massive advantage for the fans because it would allow an even better game to be designed from an already great game, furthermore, not just from a fan point of view, but a business point of view, a second ACEO could lead to many opportunities such as the game being on console (PS4/PS5) - this would allow fans to play a lot easier and I know it’s something many people would like, but as I said, it could easily help build large amounts of funds for the studio.

Thank you for reading this and considering to vote for this feature.

While I’m sure most of us would love to play a sequel, I think it’s too early to ask for it right now. I’m quite certain ACEO 2 was hinted as being possible in the far future, but the devs would like to take a break from aviation after so many years of working on this game. Maybe they’ll surprise us with a new tycoon simulation game in a different environment.


The devs are going to take a break from this game I think. They will spend 1 day a week on ACEO, but they will probably shift their interest elsewhere.

I suggest reading the Airport CEO 1.0 devblog:


I hope you mean shift? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hotel CEO would be awesome hehe :stuck_out_tongue: Last “good one” i played was Hotel giant 2. I think. There is one new game on the horizon, but haven’t checked when or if it’s coming out hehe.

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Did he just say ‘for consoles’???
goes away sobbing

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